ekey multi integra

ekey multi finger scanner integra 2.0

Due to its slim and compact design, the integra 2.0 finger scanner is the ideal solution for integration into front doors, entrance panels and mailboxes. The stylish and sleek device is available in stainless steel, white or gold color. Via mounting clamps on the external side of the housing, the finger scanner can be fitted into cavity walls, and to simplify installation into solid walls, a dedicated mounting kit is available.

The finger scanner is equipped with a line sensor, so instead of placing a finger on the surface, the finger has to be swiped over the sensor. This way, no fingerprints are left, which could else be used for misuse. In addition, the finger scanner is equipped with intelligent software: On each operation, the system continues learning. Changes in the user’s habit will be recorded automatically.

There is a RJ-plug on the reverse side of the finger scanner, through which the device is connected to the ekey multi control panel. Using the pre-configured cables, it is virtually impossible to wire the system incorrectly. The communication between both components is encrypted.

ekey multi control panel

For the operation of an ekey multi system, the suitable ekey multi control panel is required.


With its compact dimensions, the DRM control panel is ideally suited for the installation on a DIN rail into an electrical cabinet (distribution board) or onto a wall. The ekey multi 4 CP DRM is equipped with 4 dry relay outputs and 4 digital inputs. To wire the control panel with the finger scanner, it contains screw terminals.

The relay outputs are used to control electromechanical locks, door strikes, engines for garage doors, intrusion alarms, etc. The ekey multi control panel has the flexibility to open any door using any finger based on individual access right.

Operating instructions ekey converter UDP ID51

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Mounting set integra, stainless steel incl. alarm led

Mounting set integra, stainless steel incl. alarm led

Part No. 101 301

Mounting set integra, stainless steel

Mounting set integra, stainless steel

Part No. 101 302

Weather protection stainless steel integra

Weather protection stainless steel integra

Part No. 101 147

Mounting set integra compact

Mounting set integra compact

Part No. 101 300

for flush-mounted installation