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Easy to program, administer, and operate.

ekey home app


The free ekey home app provides an easy way for the user to make all important configuration settings for the finger scanner as well as administration settings via a smartphone or tablet device.



The intuitive menu navigation by smartphone helps to ensure quick commissioning. All the important configuration settings, such as creating, managing, and deleting users, assigning authorizations for defined access, changing relay times, and much more can be carried out at any time by the owner (as the administrator).

Door opening with a smartphone

In many situations, opening the door from a close distance can be beneficial; for example, when unloading the car, for people with physical impairments, and in cases involving doors with automatic opening technology, garage doors, etc. For these applications, the smartphone/tablet can be used as a “door opener”:  Simply launch the ekey home app, press the required button, and the door will open.

The administrator can also authorize other users so that their smartphones or tablet devices function as a “door opener”. Users receive a 6-digit code from the administrator which enables them to connect to the finger scanner via the ekey home app and open the door. Access rights can be revoked by the administrator at any time by changing the user code.

Enable or disable users at the touch of a button

With the ekey home app, registered users such as neighbors, for example, can be assigned temporary access authorization via fingerprint or RFID card* while a homeowner is on vacation. This authorization can be deactivated immediately on the homeowner's return without deleting the users. The user's data thus remains readily available for use when the next vacation comes around.

Simple, secure, convenient.


  • Open doors via app (smartphone/tablet device)
  • Assign access authorization with a user code
  • Provide temporary access (while on vacation, for example)


  • Easy to create, manage, and delete users
  • Enable or disable users at the touch of a button
  • Assign authorization for defined access
  • Finger enrollment is controlled via the app
  • Easy administration of up to 99 fingerprints
  • Administration of up to 99 RFID cards*


  • Administrator and user level
  • 4 to 6-digit app security code
  • Enhanced security thanks to 6-digit coupling code
  • Administrator is able to change and administer security codes
  • Deactivate the finger scanner’s Bluetooth function


  • Adjustable LED brightness on the finger scanner
  • Relay switching times can be set individually
  • Reset the system to default settings 

The ekey home app is only compatible with the ekey home – single-point access solutions system!

The ekey home app is free for Apple iOS and Google Android.

* only in the case of ekey finger scanner integra BT/RFID



ekey home app – fool-proof menu navigation:

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