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One promise: 
ekey products with the 5-YEAR QUALITY GUARANTEE!

Tuesday, 30. September 2014

Linz, Austria: ekey, Europe's top provider of fingerprint access solutions, is the only manufacturer in its industry to now offer a 5-YEAR QUALITY GUARANTEE on its products. This is the result of intensive efforts in terms of quality in recent years and validates ekey's high quality standards.

Interview with Dr. Leopold Gallner, CEO

? ekey is extending the guarantee for its products to 5 years. This is unique in the industry. What brought about this decision?

Dr. Gallner: "ekey products are top-quality products MADE IN AUSTRIA that incorporate a great deal of expertise. With the introduction of processes certified to ISO 9001, we have been able to significantly increase the quality standard of our products year upon year. Extending our service promise to 5 years is the result of these processes."

? So ekey finger scanners and control panels are not products that come with an "expiration date"?

Dr. Gallner: "No, quite the opposite in fact. Even the first finger scanners from back when the company was first founded are still working reliably.

? What service benefits does ekey offer?

Dr. Gallner: "We work in line with our company slogan every single day to inspire and excite our customers. In addition to providing the highest product quality, this includes offering optimum service and reliable support. If a problem occurs, customers expect a quick solution without any red tape.

? What restrictions are imposed on the extension of the guarantee to 5 years and what response do you expect from the market?

Dr. Gallner: "Our promise is clear: Our ekey 5-YEAR QUALITY GUARANTEE applies to every ekey product purchased after October 1, 2014. All our customers have to do is register at and keep their original receipt in case they need to make a claim. There are no other conditions. The ekey 5-YEAR QUALITY GUARANTEE is an investment in long-term customer satisfaction. ekey finger scanners are premium products that you can rely on."

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About ekey

ekey was founded in 2002 and is now Europe's top provider of fingerprint access solutions. ekey puts authorization into the customer's hands! Keys, cards, codes, etc. can be lost, forgotten, or stolen. "Your finger is always on hand!" ekey's wide range of products includes finger scanners for doors, gates, alarm systems and time recording.

The international company currently has 90 employees at its 5 locations in Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein/Switzerland, Italy, and Slovenia, and exports its products to over 70 countries, which makes up 73% of its business. ekey's main sales markets include Spain and the USA, in addition to Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Slovenia, and Italy.

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Sven Edelmüller
ekey biometric systems GmbH (HEADQUARTERS)
Lunzerstraße 89, 4030 Linz, Austria
P: +43 732 890 500 - 2181

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