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ekey All-in-One access solution

Open the door with your finger, card, or app.

Tuesday, 21. February 2017

Open the door with your finger, card, or app.

Given the wide range of needs and requirements, conventional access control systems are quickly reaching their limitations. With its new All-in-One access solution, ekey biometric systems has now combined the unique advantages of a finger scanner with those of a card reader (RFID) and access via app (smartphone or tablet) in just one model.

With the new ekey mounting frame integra, the finger scanner can easily be wall-mounted next to the door. With this solution, ekey has paid special attention to design and the elegant processing of high-quality materials. On request, the mounting frame is also available complete with a bell module following the same design. If required, the status of the alarm system can also be displayed by LED.

Combined with the new ekey CP mini 2 control panel, 2 functions can be performed straight away using the finger scanner. In addition to opening the door, you can also use another finger to enable the alarm system or open the garage door.

With the new All-in-One access solution, ekey is meeting the highest quality expectations in terms of security, convenience, and user-friendliness, and is combining this with modern design sensibilities. The fool-proof administration of the finger scanner using the free ekey home app is also consistent with future trends.

This makes the ekey All-in-One access solution complete.

>>> For more information about the ekey All-in-One access solution, click here!

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About ekey

ekey was founded in 2002 and is now Europe's top provider of fingerprint access solutions. ekey puts authorization into the customer's hands! Keys, cards, codes, etc. can be lost, forgotten, or stolen. "Your finger is always on hand!" ekey's wide range of products includes finger scanners for doors, gates, alarm systems and time recording.

The international company currently has 90 employees at its 5 locations in Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein/Switzerland, Italy, and Slovenia, and exports its products to over 70 countries, which makes up 73% of its business. ekey's main sales markets include Spain and the USA, in addition to Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Slovenia, and Italy.

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Sabine Irrgeher
ekey biometric systems GmbH (HEADQUARTERS)
Lunzerstraße 89, 4030 Linz, Austria
P: +43 732 890 500 - 2131

Bernd Wolkerstorfer
ekey biometric systems GmbH (HEADQUARTERS)
Lunzerstraße 89, 4030 Linz, Austria
P: +43 732 890 500 - 2181

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