SANUBE is a leading manufacturer of vehicle components and lighting systems for towed vehicles or work machines.

In the course of the new construction of the company building, Sanube Fahrzeugtechnik was looking for a smart and secure access solution. On the recommendation of M3 Media technology the choice fell on ekey fingerprint scanners. Both ekey finger scanners and an ekey keypad are used.

Florian Klaner, Sanube’s authorised signatory, explains: “The whole thing is very simple. The employee opens the door with his fingerprint and is allowed to enter all areas for which he is authorized. In addition, the roller blinds are opened fully automatically and the alarm system is deactivated”. The keypad in turn authorizes the carrier to open the gate himself within a certain time window in order to load the goods.

Kevin Moshammer, co-owner at M3 Medientechnik: “The user-friendliness of the system for the employees was a priority for me. The fingerprint scanner technology also meets the highest security standards”.


Land: Austria
product group: ekey net - Network access solution
Commercial/private customers: Trade
Products used: FS AP RFID M KP IN M ekey lock
Networked: Yes
Planning/execution: M3 Medientechnik
Year of manufacture: 2019
Users: 38
Finger scanner: 2
Special features: KNX (Smart Home Automation) and RFID fobs for coffee and snack machines
Why ekey?

Sanube chose ekey because the devices can be used both via finger and RFID. The two functions in one device have convinced the company.

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