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SANUBE is a leading producer of vehicle parts and lighting equipment for pulled vehicles and agricultural machines.

When the company Sanube Fahrzeugtechnik expanded and rebuilt its headquarters, they set out to find a smart and secure access solution. Thanks to the recommendation from M3 Medientechnik, they decided on ekey fingerprint scanners. The system includes multiple ekey finger scanners and an ekey keypad.

Florian Klaner, a manager at Sanube, explains: “It is all quite simple: the employee opens the door with the fingerprint scanner and can then access all areas for which they have clearance. The system also automatically opens the blinds and deactivates the alarm system.” The keypad is used to provide access to forwarding agents during a specific time slot, allowing them to open the gate themselves and load delivered goods independently.

Kevin Moshammer, co-owner of M3 Medientechnik: “For me, the deciding factor was how user-friendly the system is for the employees. The fingerprint scanner technology also meets the highest security standards.”

Country: Austria
Product group: ekey net
Business customers/private customers: Business
Products used:
Networkable: Yes
Planning/design: M3 Medientechnik
Year of construction: 2019
Users: 38
Finger scanners: 2
Special features: KNX (smart home automation) and RFID fobs for coffee and snack machines
Why ekey?:

Sanube decided to use ekey because the devices can be used with RFID or via finger. Both functions in one device made the decision clear.

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