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Befestigungszentrum Reidl e. K.

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Strict requirements in all aspects of quality management.

Since January 2010, Befestigungszentrum REIDL has been operating out of its building in Hutthurm, Germany. Ultra-modern and functional in terms of architecture, the building features an ekey net access control system for over 800 users. When planning access, large storage areas, exhibition spaces, and offices presented a logistical challenge, which was excellently resolved with a 24h zone.

Country: Germany
Product group: ekey net
Business customers/private customers: Business
Products used:
CP mini
Networkable: Yes
Planning/design: Elektro Meusel, Passau
Year of construction: 2010
Users: 825
Finger scanners: 2
Special features: 24h zone
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