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Malmö Mässan

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Access for trade fair personnel using 75 ekey net finger scanners

The Belgian Artexis Group operates a two-story trade fair center covering over 20,000 sq m under the name "MalmöMässan". Access for trade fair personnel is granted using 75 ekey net finger scanners. When enquiring about a solution, the customer asked for "no RFID cards that personnel need to carry around or that could get lost or stolen". The Swedish company TRP Teknik AB fulfilled this request to their complete satisfaction. The finger scanners are mainly used by trade fair center personnel and the employees of stand construction companies. Perfect access control: Even the staff toilets are protected against unauthorized access by finger scanners.

Country: Sweden
Product group: ekey net
Business customers/private customers: Business
Products used:
Networkable: Yes
Planning/design: TRP Teknik AB
Year of construction: 2012
Users: 400
Finger scanners: 75
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