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Raiffeisenbank Mittelbregenzerwald

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Professional planning, construction, training, and maintenance

Founded in 1894, the Raiffeisenbank Mittelbregenzerwald is one of the most modern financial services companies in Austria's Vorarlberg region. High security and documented processes are standard in the banking sector. Across four sites, Raiffeisenbank Mittelbregenzerwald utilizes an ultra-modern ekey net RFID configuration with alarm technology that was planned and set up by the professionals at Hartmann Sicherheitstechnik. Professional planning, construction, training, and maintenance from the specialists at Hartmann Sicherheitstechnik in Rankweil, Austria. As members of the VSO (Austrian Association of Security Organizations), they guarantee expert planning and solutions for the highest requirements. Cutting-edge access control using ekey finger scanners OM ensure security and convenience in high security areas too.

Country: Austria
Product group: ekey net
Business customers/private customers: Business
Networkable: Yes
Planning/design: Hartmann Sicherheitstechnik
Year of construction: 2010
Users: 50
Finger scanners: 32
Special features: 4 sites, alarm system
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