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The Kaiser home

In Kirchschlag, over the rooftops of Linz, the newly built home of the Kaiser family can be seen. Modern architecture blends harmoniously into the rural surroundings and the new living space is exactly what Reinhold Kaiser, his wife Martina, and their two children Fabian (3) and Emelie (1) have always dreamed of. As an ekey sales representative, the man of the house also puts his trust in proven products in his own home. "I never even considered buying in cheap finger scanner junk from Asia," revealed Reinhold Kaiser with a wink. Not too little for the small villa: ekey net FS OM, IN, and a control panel ekey multi make perfect sense. Three finger scanners in one home is by no means record breaking, but it does show how many entrances can be secured in a private property conveniently and with the swipe of a finger.

Country: Austria
Product group: ekey multi
Business customers/private customers: Private
Products used:
Networkable: No
Planning/design: Privat
Year of construction: 2011
Users: 4
Finger scanners: 3
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