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Groß Sankt Florian music center

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Three testing rooms, one conference room with a kitchen, two offices, two storage rooms and entrances for approx. 100 members secured by ekey net finger scanners.

The Groß St. Florian music center, which was planned and built in 8 months by Architekturbüro Baumeister Arnold WRESSNIG GmbH, is one of the most striking structures in the west Styria region, near Graz. Good planning not only set the right tone for the testing room, but also for the innovative building technology and ekey net used to provide controlled access. The architecturally sophisticated structure is not only applauded and acclaimed by the audience but also by the artists who play in it.

Country: Austria
Product group: ekey net
Business customers/private customers: Private
Products used:
CP mini
Networkable: Yes
Planning/design: Elektro Theisl GmbH
Year of construction: 2012
Users: 100
Finger scanners: 4
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