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The Bruckner detached house

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Interior designer Norbert J. Bruckner's dream home

The ultra-modern detached house owned by interior designer Norbert J. Bruckner in Natternbach, Austria, is one of the region's most talked-about properties, not only because of its architecture but for its technology and construction physics too. In addition to design and top-quality materials, great importance was placed on cutting-edge technology and security. The ekey finger scanner OM has been used in the door station to provide keyless access control. It controls the house door and the garage door with just a swipe of the finger. Simple, convenient, secure.

Country: Austria
Product group: ekey home
Business customers/private customers: Private
Products used:
Networkable: No
Planning/design: Architektur Bruckner
Year of construction: 2012
Users: 4
Finger scanners: 1
Special features: Door stations
Why ekey?: Best-known supplier of systems for house doors and garage doors
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