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Somfy and ekey

A smart home with fingerprint scanner for a new sense of comfort


Smart building use begins with access. Control doors and gates with an ekey fingerprint scanner and enjoy the unique convenience of keyless living! The individual recognition of those authorized for entry through their finger provides additional security at home.

Combine the fingerprint scanner with the many advantages of your TaHoma smart home system. ekey and Somfy make it easy for you to activate home equipment components and even events with your finger. Would you like to know exactly how the connection between the systems works? Request the free whitepaper now to receive information on the topic of smart homes together with ekey in the future.

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Example applications for your smart home

Enjoy a new sense of living with an ekey fingerprint scanner


✔ Event "Coming home"


Finally you can relax when you get off work! You come home and with just a swipe of your finger the door opens, the blinds go up, the light turns on, and the alarm system is deactivated.



✔ Event "Vacation program"


Are your bags already packed and waiting at the door? Feel free to leave your key at home – you always have your finger on hand! With the ekey fingerprint scanner, you can lower all of the blinds, turn off the light and activate the alarm system, for example.




✔ Event "Family-friendly house"


Already at the age of 6 years, children can make full use of the fingerprint scanner since it recognizes the fingers regardless of growth. Depending on the circumstances, customized events can be defined for the little ones.



✔ Event "Alarm finger"


Prepare for all eventualities! Store an "alarm finger" just to be safe. With this, you could open the door in case of an emergency while discreetly triggering a silent alarm.


Find your ideal combination!

ekey and Somfy are smart home partners: you can connect the components for your Somfy TaHoma with either ekey home or ekey multi. Choose between a single-point access solution with 1 fingerprint scanner and a multi-point access solution with up to 4 fingerprint scanners in one system. An overview of the two systems:


ekey home

Single-point access solutions.


Control up to 3 functions with just one fingerprint scanner.

  • Can store up to 99 fingers
  • Can be used to control from 1 to 3 functions (e.g. door, gate and alarm system)
  • Easy to operate with central user administration directly via the control panel
  • Or by using the ekey home app (ekey finger scanner integra, ekey finger scanner arte)
  • Optional: Transponder access (RFID) is possible
    • Can also store up to 99 transponders

ekey multi

Multi-point access solutions.

Up to 4 fingerprint scanners are administered by a single control panel.

  • Can store up to 99 fingers
  • Can control up to 4 functions per fingerprint scanner (e.g. door, gate, and alarm system)
  • Individually programmable time slots
  • Access log for every fingerprint scanner
  • Easy to operate with central user administration directly via the control panel
  • User permissions can be assigned on a personalized basis(based on location and time)
  • Vacation or permanent program
  • Optional: Transponder access (RFID) is possible
    • Can also store up to 99 transponders
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