Your smart home with ekey fingerprint scanner and KNX

Combine the advantages of the ekey access solution with your KNX building control system now!

Smart living made easy

You want more comfort, security and energy saving in your home? By intelligently controlling heating, lighting and electrical appliances, you can make their use more efficient in no time at all.

The automated processes can be individually adapted to your habits and needs or to weather conditions. The smart home of today is networked and thus makes your everyday life easier!

What can you manage with your KNX building control system?

  • Heating or air conditioning
  • Lighting
  • Shutter/blind control
  • Garden irrigation
  • Presence simulation
  • Music control
  • and much more

Did you know that KNX…

… is the world’s only manufacturer-independent standard for home and building control systems?

How do the individual components communicate with each other?

The KNX standard (bus) can be used to ensure that all building automation components can communicate with each other, regardless of the respective manufacturer or the function used. This standard is based on more than 24 years of experience in this market.

How do KNX and ekey communicate with each other?

The ekey home converter KNX RS-485 forms the interface between the KNX and ekey installation in the building. It therefore networks your building control system with your access solution. Through the unique identification of the ekey fingerprint scanner, the building control system can trigger an event and put the building into the state defined for the person.

The technical details of the ekey home converter KNX

  • Description: ekey home CV KNX RS-485
  • Mounting type: DIN rail in the distribution box
  • Dimensions W x H x D: 18 x 98 x 61 mm (1HP)
  • Supply voltage: 12-24 VDC
  • Cable length RS-485: 10 m
  • Number of RS-485 interfaces: 1
  • Protocol RS-485: ekey home
  • 12 events (10 freely configurable, 1 unknown, 1 security)
  • In addition to relay contacts of the control unit
  • Own ETS application (ETS 5)
  • Functions: switching, sending value, calling up scenes
  • Event assignment to finger

Which events can be transmitted to KNX via ekey fingerprint scanner?

The following 12 events can be triggered using >g id=”gid_0″> ekey home converter KNX:

  • 10 “Freely configurable” events (detected fingers)
  • 1 “Unknown” event (for unrecognized fingers)
  • 1 “Security” event (several unknown fingers in a certain time)

What does the ekey home converter KNX do in detail?

The ekey home converter KNX RS-485 recognizes the information of a known or unknown finger from the communication between fingerprint scanner and control unit (home or multi). The converter sends information derived from this to the building control system via the KNX bus. The resulting actions in the KNX system are configured and triggered in the ETS5 application.

To the ekey home CV KNX

Event “Childproof house”

When your child enters the house using the ekey fingerprint scanner, it is identified clearly. The building control system thus gives the instruction to switch the house into a “childproof mode”. Functions such as the electric stove, internet, pool cover or access to certain rooms (e.g. garage or office) are deactivated and are not available to your child.

Event “Safe House”

If an unknown person tries to open the door with the fingerprint scanner, the doorbell ringing can be set as event “unknown”. If an unknown person uses the fingerprint scanner 3 times in one minute, the ekey home converter KNX can trigger the “Security” event. This can mean that the shutters are lowered, the lights are turned on and the homeowner receives a message on his smartphone.

ekey offers the optimal solution for every requirement!

Below you will find an overview of the access solutions ekey home and ekey multi, which you connect with your existing or planned KNX building control system with the ekey home converter KNX RS-485. Here you can choose between a single access solution with 1 fingerprint scanner and a multiple access solution with up to 4 fingerprint scanners in one system.

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Single access solutions.

ekey home

Control up to 3 functions with just one fingerprint
  • Up to 99 fingers can be stored
  • 1 to 3 functions controllable (e.g. door, gate and alarm system)
  • Easy operation and central user management directly via the control unit
  • or via the ekey home app (ekey finger scanner integra, ekey finger scanner arte)
  • Optional: access with transponder (RFID) possible
    (additionally up to 99 transponders storable)
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Multiple access solutions.

ekey multi

Up to 4 fingerprints are managed by one control unit
  • Up to 99 fingers can be stored
  • Each fingerprint up to 4 functions controllable (eg door, gate, and alarm system)
  • Time window individell programmable
  • Access log via each fingerprint
  • Easy operation and central user management directly from the control unit
  • Person-related assignment of rights possible (local and temporal)
  • Vacation or permanent program
  • Optional: Access with transponder (RFID) possible
    (additionally up to 99 transponders storable)

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