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ekey lock radio cylinder

The ekey lock radio cylinder is the ideal retrofit solution for internal, external, and glass doors. Also proven to be ideal for rental properties: When you move, the system can be easily removed and the door restored.



Benefits of ekey lock

  • For internal, external, and glass doors
  • No cables inside the door
  • Easy mounting
  • Suitable for single-point and multi-point locks
  • Easy to disassemble when you move house
  • Existing fittings are retained

How the system works


The combination of radio cylinder and finger scanner makes retrofitting a house door a breeze. The advantage of the system is that no cables need to be laid inside the door. When a stored finger is recognized, the finger scanner sends an encrypted signal to the radio cylinder inside the door. The knob on the outside of the door couples, and the cylinder can be "unlocked" by turning the knob – just like with a key! The radio cylinder is powered by an industry-standard battery. Only the finger scanner requires electricity, which is usually available in front of the entrance (in door stations, bells, motion sensors, etc.). An optional wireless transponder is available to provide additional security in the event of power failures and as a convenient "spare key for guests". It opens the door like a remote control in the car.

The solution for home and work

The ekey lock is suitable for private households, businesses, and rental properties. In combination with an ekey finger scanner system, it meets even the highest standards, yet at reasonable cost. Even companies and large properties can be quickly fitted with the solution without great deal of expense or effort.




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