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Precautionary health measures at ekey

To stop the proliferation of Covid-19

Tuesday, 17. March 2020

In the face of the current health crisis, we would like to provide our employees and their families with the best possible safety and disease prevention while remaining actively and reliably available for our customers and business partners.

For this reason, as of 16.03.2020, all ekey employees for whom it is at all possible are working from home as a preventative measure. ekey employees are also given leave when needed to care for their children. Our production facility and warehouse management have also begun work in a two-shift rotation in order to reduce the social contact in the company to an absolute minimum. With these measures in place, incoming orders can be processed and delivered with our customary quality of service. Our customer service and support teams also remain at your disposal. However, there may be some delays in the processing of your requests. We ask for your understanding.

These targeted preventive measures are our contribution to stopping the proliferation of Covid-19. We thank you for your understanding and would of course be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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About ekey

ekey was founded in 2002 and is now Europe's top provider of fingerprint access solutions. ekey puts authorization into the customer's hands! Keys, cards, codes, etc. can be lost, forgotten, or stolen. "Your finger is always on hand!" ekey's wide range of products includes fingerprint scanners for doors, gates, alarm systems and time recording.

The international company currently has 90 employees at its 5 locations in Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein/Switzerland, Italy, and Slovenia, and exports its products to over 70 countries, which makes up 73% of its business. ekey's main sales markets include Spain and the USA, in addition to Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Slovenia, and Italy.

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