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New functions for the ekey home app

Tuesday, 12. July 2016

After the successful launch of the ekey home app, the subsequent version (1.2.X) will feature new additional functions, which will make managing the finger scanner via smartphone or tablet even more convenient and secure.

With the new app version, it is now possible to restrict the user rights so that you can use your smartphone or tablet exclusively as a "digital key", but have no other administrative rights. Additionally, the user receives a 4 to 6-digit code from the administrator which they can use to connect to the finger scanner via the ekey home app and open the doors with a smartphone or tablet without needing to have stored their fingerprint in the system. Access rights can be revoked by the administrator at any time. Even users whose fingerprints are stored can have their authorizations limited by the administrator.

A further advancement is the ability to deactivate the Bluetooth function. As well as enrolling users and assigning user permissions, the administrator can deactivate the Bluetooth function. Following this, the Bluetooth finger scanner is no longer visible to other smartphone and tablet users. Of course, the Bluetooth function can be reactivated by the administrator if need be.

Another new feature of the ekey home app is the option to manage RFID cards for ekey finger scanners with the card reader function.

ekey has always placed great value on making its products easy and intuitive to use. With the new version of the ekey home app (1.2.X), operation and functionality have become even more customer friendly. Users are created, managed, or deleted on the smartphone or tablet, rights for defined access can be assigned, relay switch times determined, and much more. Up to 3 relays (e.g., house door, garage door, alarm system) can be activated using a finger scanner. For each relay, a different finger is assigned to a different function, as if each finger were an individual key.

What's more, you can give your neighbors temporary access rights to your home while you are on vacation, for example. When you return these rights are not deleted, just deactivated. This means that they are immediately on hand to be activated again for your next vacation. And for that personal touch, a picture can be assigned to each user.

In many situations, opening the door from a certain distance can be beneficial; for example, when unloading the car, for people with disabilities, doors with automatic opening technology, or garage doors, etc. For these applications, the smartphone can be used as a "remote control": Simply launch the ekey home app, press the required button, and the door will open.

The ekey home app is available for free for Apple iOS and Google Android devices. Try it out in demo mode, which also works without connecting a finger scanner.

With its app solution, ekey remains at the cutting edge of technology and once again confirms its reputation as the technology leader for fingerprint access solutions. 

Simple, secure, convenient. 


  • Easy to create, activate, and delete users
  • Finger enrollment is controlled via the app 
  • Easy administration of up to 99 fingerprints 
  • Administration of RFID cards 
  • Restrictions of user rights


  • Encryption of data packages
  • 4- to 6-digit security code for the app
  • Enhanced security thanks to 6-digit coupling code
  • Disabling the Bluetooth function


  • Door opening via the password-protected app 
  • Adjustable LED brightness on the finger scanner 
  • Relay switching times can be set individually 
  • Double relay functionality 
  • Reset the system to default settings
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About ekey

ekey was founded in 2002 and is now Europe's top provider of fingerprint access solutions. ekey puts authorization into the customer's hands! Keys, cards, codes, etc. can be lost, forgotten, or stolen. "Your finger is always on hand!" ekey's wide range of products includes finger scanners for doors, gates, alarm systems and time recording.

The international company currently has 90 employees at its 5 locations in Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein/Switzerland, Italy, and Slovenia, and exports its products to over 70 countries, which makes up 73% of its business. ekey's main sales markets include Spain and the USA, in addition to Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Slovenia, and Italy.

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