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Your Finger. Your Key.

Your Finger. Your Key.

Your Finger. Your Key.

Welcome to the ekey EXPERT zone

From experts for experts.

Here in the ekey EXPERT zone, manual workers, electricians, planners, and architects will find all the information relevant to our products. Mounting instructions, catalogs, software, wiring diagrams for electricians and door manufacturers, training sessions, workshops, and much more are at your disposal. In the ekey EXPERT zone, you will find all the important information you need to plan and implement projects.

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In addition to banks, eletrical and hardware retailers and security and IT companies, ekey's highly satisfied customer base also includes door and gate manufacturers and housing developers. Highly motivated employees, constant research and development the field of finger-scan technology, and, above all, belief in our products all help to guarantee healthy growth for the company.

ekey lock

Good reasons for ekey finger scanners

Impossible to lock yourself out, as your finger is always on hand!


  • No lost or stolen keys!
  • Maximum protection against forgery thanks to live finger detection with RF sensor technology!
  • Not possible for access to be passed on (using a card or key, for example)!
  • 1,000 times more secure than a 4-digit code!


Easy installation and administration!

The intelligent software is learning all the time – it can detect the growth of children's fingers as well as minor injuries and changes to users' habits.

By using the ekey fingerprint access control system, building control systems can now detect “which person” triggers an action.

for all ekey products!

ekey applications

Many well-known brand manufacturers already build ekey finger scanners into their products as standard.

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