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Legden volunteer fire department

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State-of-the-art buildings fitted with cutting-edge building technology including access control.

In the west Münster region, not far from the Dutch border at Enschede, the Legden and Asbeck volunteer fire departments have been an effective team for decades. "Perfect technique right down to the last detail" is the motto of fire chief Klaus Uppenkamp and his team. This is why the fire departments rely on ekey net for reliable and fast access to garages and team rooms. "We need to be ready for action immediately without the chaos that comes with using keys," explains Rudolf Heidbrink, fire marshal and chief of the Asbeck fire department.

Country: Germany
Product group: ekey net
Business customers/private customers: Business
Products used:
Networkable: 1
Planning/design: Fa. Winkelhaus
Year of construction: 2012
Users: 60
Finger scanners: 8
Special features: Alarm system
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