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Kurtinig volunteer fire department

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The attractive exterior of the Kurtinig volunteer fire department also conceals perfect technology

Kurtinig a. d. Weinstraße, the second smallest region in South Tyrol is located in the middle of the Adige valley. Thanks to the flooding of the then unregulated branches of the Adige, the region was once known as "Little Venice". The spotlessly clean arsenal of the Kurtinig volunteer fire department, led by chief Gottfried Schwarz, shines in the middle of this idyllic location in South Tyrol.

Country: Italy
Product group: ekey net
Business customers/private customers: Business
Products used:
Networkable: 1
Planning/design: M.G.M. Impianti
Year of construction: 2013
Users: 150
Finger scanners: 1
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