The scope of features

Basic features

(free of charge)

Intuitive administration with smartphone

Open with fingerprint scanner

Up to 20 users

Firmware updates

Remote administration of authorizations

Administration of users and roles

Data backup of the device configuration

Access log of the last 7 days
(enable/disable and delete)

Finger synchronization on additional devices

Up to 5 fingerprint scanners in one system

Remote support

Simple device exchange

Different functions with different fingers ¹

Time slots COMING SOON
(e.g. person X: access Wednesday, 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.)

Flexible expansions

(in-app purchase)

Smart living functions ²

Access log of the last 30 days
(enable/disable and delete)

Remote opening

Push notifications when the door is opened

Connection to Amazon Alexa

Smart home connectivity

Users ³

Expandable up to 100 users

¹ Depending on device
² Free from 01/01/2023 to 12/31/2023, subject to a charge from 01/01/2024 (monthly subscription model).
³ On request from 01/01/2023 to 12/31/2023; from 01/01/2024 one-off in-app purchase.

The ekey bionyx system provides the greatest possible flexibility: The ekey fingerprint scanners are compatible with each other and are administered in a single system.

Scalable at any time
ekey xLine for flush-mounting and surface installation, ekey sLine for the door station, and ekey dLine for the door can be easily combined in the ekey bionyx system. It is therefore not necessary to decide in advance what scope the access control system should have: It can be subsequently expanded with additional users, functions, and devices.

Use across multiple locations
In addition, thanks to this flexibility, it can also be used at different locations – for example at the main and secondary residence.

Easy finger synchronization
The simple synchronization of the stored fingers is also particularly practical. Because once stored, they work with all fingerprint scanners in the system.

Numerous smart home connections
More than just opening the door – with ekey xLine, ekey sLine and ekey dLine, the smart home starts as soon as you get home. On the one hand, various smart functions directly in the ekey bionyx system are impressive, on the other hand, the connection to other smart home systems is possible.

Ongoing updates
Thanks to constant further developments and updates, you always are up to date with the latest technology and benefit from new features.