Part n° 180023
Product name ekey home FS IN MR GL AN LED
Product name 2
EAN code 9120068253079
Customs tariff number 8471 9000
Origin countryAT
Weight: 0.73 kg
Application area
Sales restriction

Technical data

Operational data
Supply typ:DC
Maximum supply voltage:24 V
Minimum supply voltage:10 V
Supply voltage rating:12 V
Maximum current consumption:300 mA
Minimum current consumption:85 mA
Current consumption rating:90 mA
Maximum power:3 W
Minimum power:1 W
Power rating:1 W
Minimum operating temperature:-25 °C
Maximum operating temperature:70 °C
Maximum humidity:90 %rel
IP code:IP54
Suitable for unprotected outdoor area:yes
Suitable for protected outdoor area:yes
Number of buttons:
Type of buttons:
Log memory:
FAR:1:10 000 000
Recognition period:1 s
Number of codes:
Codelänge max:
Lifetime in number of operations:
Lifetime in MTBF:
Line frequency:
Battery life in number of access instances:
Battery life when idle:
Tolerance rated voltage:10%
Maximum number of registration units:
Installed real-time clock:
Type of operation:
Minimum pin code length:
FSuitable for RFID function:
Number of logs:
Mechanical data
Mounting type:Wall-mounted
Minimum mounting height:155 cm
Width:53.5 mm
Length/height:127 mm
Depth:24 mm
Cylinder standard:
Zylinderlänge Innenseite:
Zylinderlänge Außenseite:
Material:stainless steel V2A | Glass | ASA-PC plastic
Surface:Brushed | Polished
Shock resistance:100 m/s²
Vibration resistance:10 m/s²
Similar RAL^
Mechanical data
Profile dimensions width:
Profile dimensions depth:
Profile diameter:
Profil wall thickness
Spacing between fastening brackets:
Additional information:
For application software:
Operating systems:
Software version:
Standards:EN60068 | EN61000-6-2 | EN61000-6-3
Directives:CE2014/30/EU | RoHs2011/65/EU
Battery or Akku
Charging current:
Charging time:
Charging cycles:
Battery type:
Battery maintenance:
Electronic relays
Switching function of electronic relay:
Number of electronic relays:
Switching voltage electronic relay:
Switching current of electronic relay (resistive load):
Leckstrom des elektronischen Relais:
Contact form of electronic relay:
Maximum impulse switching time of electronic relay:
Minimale Impulsschaltzeit des elektronischen Relais:
Short-circuit protection of electronic relay:
Overcurrent protection of electronic relay:
Type of switching voltage for electronic relay:
Mechanical relays
Switching voltage of mechanical relay:
Switching current of mechanical relay:
Switching current of mechanical relay:
Contact form of mechanical relay:
Mechanical lifetime in switching cyclesh:
Electrical lifetime in switching cycles:
Maximum impulse switching time of mechanical relay:
Minimum impulse switching time of mechanical relay:
Short-circuit protection of mechanical relay:
Overcurrent protection of mechanical relay:
Spark quenching:
Switching function of mechanical relay:
Type of switching voltage for mechanical relay:
Voltage output
Output voltage type:
Output voltage:
Output voltage tolerance:
Output current
Output power
Output voltage ripple:
Minimum load:
Protection class:
KShort-circuit protection at output:
Overcurrent monitoring at output:
Polarity reversal protection at output:
Voltage output efficiency:
Digital inputs
Number of digital inputs:
Input voltage enabled:
Input voltage disabled:
Maximum input voltage:
Maximum input current:
Activation type:
Sensortype:Finger line sensor
Sensor technology:RF
Resolution:500 DPI
Speed:4 cm/s
Communication USB
Number of USB interfaces:
USB standard:
USB connector:
Communication Bluetooth
Bluetooth standard:
Bluetooth class:
Maximum Bluetooth range:
Typical Bluetooth Range:
Communication Ethernet
Number of Ethernet interfaces:
Ethernet interface protoco:
Ethernet bandwidth:
Ethernet connector:
Communication RF
Radio carrier:
Typical radio range:
Radio encryption:
Radio connecto:
RFID carrier:
Typical RFID range:
RFID standards:
RFID encryption:
Communication RS-232
Number of RS-232 interfaces:
baud rate:
RS-232 cable type:
RS-232 cable length:
RS-232 protocol:
RS-232 encryption::
Communication RS-485
Number of RS-485 interfaces:1
RS-485 baud rate:115,2KBit/s
RS-485 network:Single master
RS-485 cable length:500 m
RS-485 cable type:Half-duplex
RS-485 protocol:ekey home
RS-485 encryption:yes
Communication Wiegand
Number of Wiegand interfaces:
Wiegand communication type:
Wiegand cable length:
Wiegand cable type::
Wiegand protocol::
Configurable Wiegand protocol:
Communication WLAN
WLAN standard:
Maximum WLAN range:
Typical WLAN range:
WLAN bandwidth:
Data rate:
Maximum length of connection lines
Maximum length of output cables:
Maximum length of input cables:
Maximum length of conductors:30 m
Cable type::
Cable type::
Cable length:
Number of cores:
Core cross section:
Core resistance:
Sheath material:
Sheath diameter:
Cable shield:
Isolation voltage:
Cable transfer
With housing::
Maximum opening angle:
Cable length on the leaf side:
Pin on the leaf side:
Cable length on the frame side:
Pin on the frame side:
Cable shielding:
Number of data cable cores:
Core cross section of data cables:
Number of conductor cores:
Core cross section of conductors::
Data cable rated voltage:
Data cable rated current:
Conductor rated voltage:
Conductor rated current:
Suitable for revolving door drive:
Number of door openings:
Separable when mounted:
Total number of cores:
Number of LEDs:3
Type of LED voltage:DC
LED colors:yellow | green | red
Maximum voltage in forward direction:13.2 V
Maximum voltage in reverse direction:
Maximum current in forward direction:22.7 mA
Minimum current in forward direction:17.5 mA
Switches and buttons
Number of switches:
Type of switching function:
Type of switching voltage of switch:
Maximum switching voltage of switch:
Maximum switching current of switch: