Part n° 180165
Product name ekey home FS OM E BL RFID Modul 2N Verso BL
Product name 2
EAN code 9120068254298
Customs tariff number 8471 9000
Origin countryAT
Weight: 0.64 kg
Application area
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The ekey home finger scanner outlet-mounted RFID black for the door station 2N Verso is a biometric sensor terminal for the registration of fingerprints by means of an RF line sensor by Authentec. In addition, idenjpgication using RFID cards of the MIFARE DESFire EV1 type with storage of at least 1 kByte is possible. Up to 99 fingers and 99 cards can be stored. This ekey home finger scanner is used to recognize authorized persons and then open building doors, company doors, garage doors, etc. The finger scanner is intended for use in both domestic and business applications. The ekey home finger scanner outlet-mounted E RFID is designed for fixed mounting on immobile components such as door stations in unprotected outdoor areas. For operation you also need a suitable design element, a suitable control panel and a suitable power supply.

Technical data

Operational data
Supply typ:DC
Maximum supply voltage:24 V
Minimum supply voltage:8 V
Supply voltage rating:12 V
Maximum current consumption:470 mA
Minimum current consumption:100 mA
Current consumption rating:130 mA
Maximum power:4 W
Minimum power:0.8 W
Power rating:1 W
Minimum operating temperature:'-25 °C
Maximum operating temperature:70 °C
Maximum humidity:90 %rel
IP code:IP44
Suitable for unprotected outdoor area:yes
Suitable for protected outdoor area:yes
Number of buttons:
Type of buttons:
Log memory:
FAR:1:10 000 000
Recognition period:1 s
Number of codes:
Codelänge max:
Lifetime in number of operations:
Lifetime in MTBF:
Line frequency:
Battery life in number of access instances:
Battery life when idle:
Tolerance rated voltage:0.1
Maximum number of registration units:
Installed real-time clock:
Type of operation:
Minimum pin code length:
Signaling:Acoustic | Visual
FSuitable for RFID function:
Number of logs:
Mechanical data
Mounting type:
Minimum mounting height:
Width:93 mm
Length/height:101.5 mm
Depth:25 mm
Cylinder standard:
Zylinderlänge Innenseite:
Zylinderlänge Außenseite:
Material:ABS plastic
Shock resistance:
Vibration resistance:
Similar RAL^
Mechanical data
Profile dimensions width:
Profile dimensions depth:
Profile diameter:
Profil wall thickness
ASpacing betwenn fastening brackets:
Additional information:
For application software:
Operating systems:
Software version:
Standards:EN61000-6-2 | EN61000-6-3
Directives:CE2014/30/EU | RoHs2011/65/EU
Battery or Akku
Charging current:
Charging time:
Charging cycles:
Battery type:
Battery maintenance:
Electronic relays
Switching function of electronic relay:
Number of electronic relays:
Switching voltage of electronic relay:
Switching current of electronic relay:
Leckstrom des elektronischen Relais:
Contact form of electronic relay:
Maximum impulse switching time of electronic relay:
Minimale Impulsschaltzeit des elektronischen Relais:
Short-circuit protection of electronic relay:
Overcurrent protection of electronic relay:
Type of switching voltage for electronic relay:
Mechanical relays
Switching voltage of mechanical relay:
Switching current of mechanical relay:
Switching current of mechanical relay:
Contact form of mechanical relay:
Mechanical lifetime in switching cyclesh:
Electrical lifetime in switching cycles:
Maximum impulse switching time of mechanical relay:
Minimum impulse switching time of mechanical relay:
Short-circuit protection of mechanical relay:
Overcurrent protection of mechanical relay:
Spark quenching:
Switching function of mechanical relay:
Type of switching voltage for mechanical relay:
Voltage output
Output voltage type:
Output voltage:
Output voltage tolerance:
Output current
Output power
Output voltage ripple:
Minimum load:
Protection class:
KShort-circuit protection at output:
Overcurrent monitoring at output:
Polarity reversal protection at output:
Voltage output efficiency:
Digital inputs
Number of digital inputs:
Input voltage enabled:
Input voltage disabled:
Maximum input voltage:
Maximum input current:
Activation type:
Sensortype:Finger line sensor
Sensor technology:RF
Resolution:500 DPI
Speed:4 cm/s
Communication USB
Number of USB interfaces:
USB standard:
USB connector:
Communication Bluetooth
Bluetooth standard:
Bluetooth class:
Maximum Bluetooth range:
Typical Bluetooth Range:
Communication Ethernet
Number of Ethernet interfaces:
Ethernet interface protoco:
Ethernet bandwidth:
Ethernet connector:
Communication RF
Radio carrier:
Typical radio range:
Radio encryption:
Radio connecto:
RFID carrier:13,56MHz
Typical RFID range:30 mm
RFID standards:ISO14443A
RFID encryption:MIFARE DESFire EV1
Communication RS-232
Number of RS-232 interfaces:
baud rate:
RS-232 cable type:
RS-232 cable length:
RS-232 protocol:
RS-232 encryption::
Communication RS-485
Number of RS-485 interfaces:1
RS-485 baud rate:115,2KBit/s
RS-485 network:Single master
RS-485 cable length:500 m
RS-485 cable type:Half-duplex
RS-485 protocol:ekey home
RS-485 encryption:yes
Communication Wiegand
Number of Wiegand interfaces:
Wiegand communication type:
Wiegand cable length:
Wiegand cable type::
Wiegand protocol::
Configurable Wiegand protocol:
Communication WLAN
WLAN standard:
Maximum WLAN range:
Typical WLAN range:
WLAN bandwidth:
Data rate:
Maximum length of connection lines
Maximum length of output cables:
Maximum length of input cables:
Maximum length of conductors:30 m
Cable type::
Cable type::
Cable length:
Number of cores:
Core cross section:
Core resistance:
Sheath material:
Sheath diameter:
Cable shield:
Isolation voltage:
Cable transfer
With housing::
Maximum opening angle:
Cable length on the leaf side:
Pin on the leaf side:
Cable length on the frame side:
Pin on the frame side:
Cable shielding:
Number of data cable cores:
Core cross section of data cables:
Number of conductor cores:
Core cross section of conductors::
Data cable rated voltage:
Data cable rated current:
Conductor rated voltage:
Conductor rated current:
Suitable for revolving door drive:
Number of door openings:
Separable when mounted:
Total number of cores:
Number of LEDs:
Type of LED voltage:
LED colors:
Maximum voltage in forward direction:
Maximum voltage in reverse direction:
Maximum current in forward direction:
Minimum current in forward direction:
Switches and buttons
Number of switches:
Type of switching function:
Type of switching voltage of switch:
Maximum switching voltage of switch:
Maximum switching current of switch: