The Waldviertel-based company SONNENTOR has made a name for itself far beyond Austria’s borders with its biologically sustainable products. After 30 years of steady growth, the IT at the Sprögnitz site also had to keep up with the pace and guarantee IT availability and the highest security standards. Thomas Koppensteiner, IT Manager of SONNENTOR, decided on a modern and energy-efficient server room solution in the data center container. The overall supplier was the company
EPS Electric Power Systems GmbH

Due to the limited space available at the company headquarters, a computer centre container was purchased, which was individually installed and constructed according to the latest IT infrastructure. For the SONNENTOR team, it was important to meet the highest safety standards and to be able to place the container flexibly on the site. “For us, the server room container simply had to be practical and provide good protection for the hardware inside. The EPS server cabinets offer us a lot of space to work in and the UPS system protects us from a power failure”, says Gregor Floh, deputy IT manager of SONNENTOR.


Land: Austria
product group: ekey net – Network access solution
Commercial/private customers: Trade
Products used: FS UP
Networked: Yes
Planning/execution: EPS Electric Power Systems GmbH,
Year of manufacture: 2018
Users: 20
Finger scanner: 1
Special features: In case of expansion or extension of the IT containers, the access can also be extended and administered by ekey-net without any problems
Why ekey?
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