Fingerprint makes your everyday life easier

Enjoy freedom

No more keys, your finger is always on hand.
Open the door, close the door, and go!

Impossible to lock yourself out

Assign access authorizations via the app
and your finger becomes the key

Smart functions

Thanks to an easy in-app administration, the smart
home begins when you get home.

Discover the possibilities

Next to the door

Discover the ekey fingerprint scanner for mounting next to the door and find the ideal solution for your wall.

For the door station

Discover the suitable fingerprint scanner modules for a wide range of door
stations - integrated directly in the factory or for retrofitting.

For retrofitting

Discover the ekey uno fingerprint scanner, the retrofitting solution for existing
doors - without drilling, chiseling or wiring.

Code keypad

Discover the ekey keypad for mounting next to the door
and find the optimal solution for your house wall.