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The only exclusive Aston Martin dealer in Switzerland.
The owners Dr. Andreas Bänziger and Florian Kamelger additionally run a racing team
in various racing series.

One of the owners of Aston Martin St. Gallen, Dr. Andreas Bänziger, describes the initial situation: « We have vehicles that are worth more than 10 million Swiss francs. In terms of insurance, we have to track very precisely who enters which area at what time (…). » The ekey net access solution optimally meets the requirements of Bänziger and his team.

The ekey net product solution used at Aston Martin St. Gallen is a network-compatible access control system for up to 80 fingers. From the front door to the server room to the warehouse, all areas can thus be centrally administered. Cross-site use is also possible. Via software, people are recorded and organized within freely definable user groups. In addition, ekey net supports a range of interfaces for connecting to third-party systems (e.g. building control, time recording, printer management, etc.).

Serdar Kiziltoprak, Chief Information Officer at Aston Martin: « In day-to-day business, the ekey system has proven to be very easy and flexible to use. I no longer have to think about keys. I can synchronize across locations. I can control employee entries and exits centrally. I would definitely recommend ekey to others. »


Country: Switzerland
Product group: ekey net – network access solution
Commercial/Private Customers: Trade
Products used: FS AP L FS UP I FS UP L CV LAN
Networked: Yes
Planning/Execution: Aston Martin
Year of manufacture: 2020
Users: 80
finger scanner: 62
Special features: to 6 locations and 3 trucks