Discover the ekey dLine!

ekey dLine fingerprint scanner for door handle and door leaf

The front door becomes smart with the ekey dLine. The fingerprint scanner is installed at the factory by door manufacturers and adds new functions to the door. Thanks to many smart features, you will experience a new sense of convenience. Not only do you open your front door safely and conveniently with your finger, but you also benefit from the added convenience in everyday life. An access control system that blends harmoniously into the door with its modern design and fulfills the wishes of today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

Step into a new age of biometric access control systems!

The most important facts in brief

  • The ekey dLine transforms your front door into a smart access control system with fingerprint scanner technology that is directly integrated by door manufacturers.
  • The activation of the fingerprint scanner system is carried out in just a few steps via the ekey bionyx app.
  • All basic functions are available in the Local mode without an Internet connection and no registration is necessary.
  • Advanced smart features, such as remote opening and push notifications, are included in the Plus mode, which requires registration and Internet access.
  • The ekey bionyx app guides you intuitively through user and system administration without the need for an operating manual.
  • The ekey dLine offers maximum convenience and security, can be flexibly extended and integrates seamlessly into modern smart home systems

ekey dLine fingerprint scanner in the door leaf

ekey dLine fingerprint scanner in the door handle

The advantages of the ekey dLine fingerprint scanner

Simply open the door with your finger – without a key, smartphone, code or card. Be it for running, cycling, inline skating or when the dog wants out: Enjoy the freedom to head out as you please.

The advantages

  • Impossible to lock yourself out – your finger is always at hand!
  • The ekey fingerprint scanner learns with every use
  • Convenient access for the entire family
  • The growth of children’s fingers is automatically recognized
  • Dirt or minor injuries on the finger are not a problem
  • Simple and intuitive touch operation

ekey guarantees the highest standard of security for its products against misuse and unauthorized access to the access control system. With a fingerprint scanner, only authorized persons can open the door. The ekey fingerprint scanner is 1,000 times more secure than the 4-digit numeric code of an ATM card.

The advantages

  • Only authorized persons can open the door
  • 1,000 times more secure than a 4-digit numeric code
  • Maximum protection against counterfeiting
  • No more misplaced, forgotten, lost or stolen keys
  • Access codes are not passed on
  • End-to-end encryption

No more worries about your children, parents or neighbors losing a key. With an ekey fingerprint scanner, you no longer need to pass on your key, because you simply authorize the people who need access to your home. Lost keys are a problem of the past.

The advantages

  • Unlock the door without a key, smartphone, code or card
  • No more misplaced, forgotten, lost or stolen keys
  • Only authorized persons can open the door
  • Impossible to lock yourself out – your finger is always at hand!

With an ekey fingerprint scanner, you can conveniently unlock the door with your smartphone even when you’re on the go. This means you can open the door for your craftsman even if you are still on your way home. Let in your friend at a moment’s notice to lend him the pressure washer — even if you are on vacation. Be sure that you can let someone into the house if necessary.

The advantages

  • Unlock your door even when you’re on the go
  • More flexibility in your everyday life
  • No more tedious drives home to unlock your door
  • Everything under control with one app – even remotely

Put an end to uncertainty! You automatically receive a message on your smartphone as soon as the door has been opened with the fingerprint scanner. This is practical in many everyday situations, but especially with children. Thanks to the push notification, you can be sure that your child has arrived home from school safely.

The advantages

  • If you wish, have a message sent to your smartphone when the door is opened
  • Always well informed – even when you’re on the go
  • Be reassured that your loved ones have arrived home safely

With an ekey fingerprint scanner, you can define access authorizations for each person individually. For example, you can define specific days and times when your dog sitter or domestic help can be granted access. You define and administer all authorizations via the app and keep track of who has arrived at what time.

The advantages

  • You decide who enters your home and when
  • Assign time-limited access authorizations for service providers
  • Easy activation and deactivation of users via app – even remotely

Easily invite family and friends to your fingerprint scanner system! In just a few steps, send an invitation via the ekey bionyx app that enables the recipient to open the door using their smartphone.

The advantages

  • Send an invitation via the ekey bionyx app to grant someone access
  • The invited person receives a message with a QR code and can open the door via smartphone after downloading the app
  • Use this function, for example, for your neighbor who checks on your home during your vacation

Are you expecting a visit from friends but have your hands full at the moment? A short “Alexa, open the door!” is all it takes to let your guests into the house. Or receive a greeting when you get home. To do this, simply connect the ekey fingerprint scanner to the Alexa virtual assistant from Amazon.

The advantages

  • Open the front door conveniently by voice command so that you don’t have to rush to the door every time the bell rings
  • Open the door even when you are busy or have your hands full
  • An ekey fingerprint scanner as the trigger for a routine in Amazon Alexa
  • The light in the entrance area switches on, the latest headlines or a playlist are played, etc.

Start using the building intelligently with smart functions as soon as you arrive home! Because by using an ekey fingerprint scanner, your smart home system recognizes who triggers an action.

The advantages

  • Control and organize your home based on specific people
  • Trigger different actions with different fingers
  • Depending on who activates the fingerprint scanner, lights, alarm system, heating or blinds are controlled, for example
  • Via HTTP(S) requests, APPMODULE and ekey bionyx API

Anyone building or renovating a house is faced with many decisions. Often not all wishes can be fulfilled immediately. However, this is not a problem for the ekey system, since functions and devices can be added at a later date. Users can be stored, temporarily deactivated or deleted.

The advantages

  • You do not have to decide in advance what scope your access control system should have
  • Functions, users and devices can be added flexibly
  • You can control different functions with different fingers

Future-proof system

The ekey bionyx system offers maximum flexibility: All fingerprint scanners are compatible with one another and are administrered centrally via the ekey bionyx app. By default, up to five fingerprint scanners (registration units) can be administered in one account.

Simple system administration with the ekey bionyx app

The ekey fingerprint scanner system is conveniently administered with the ekey bionyx app via a smartphone or tablet. This is where authorizations are assigned to users and different roles are allocated. The app also offers an access log and triggers smart functions such as push notifications or remote opening. All devices, access areas, functions and users remain in view at all times.

Download the ekey bionyx app


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The two operation modes of the ekey bionyx app

The activation of the fingerprint scanner system is carried out intuitively in just a few steps via the ekey bionyx app and you can choose between Local mode and Plus mode. In the Local mode, all basic functions are available in just a few steps, without an Internet connection or a WLAN network. The basic functions can be extended via the Plus mode. Registration and Internet/WLAN are required for the additional smart features.

Local mode

Without Internet/WLAN

Plus mode

With smart functions

Open the door with a fingerprint scanner or a smartphone near the door
Intuitive administration via smartphone (e.g. users, devices)
Different functions with different fingers (device-specific)
Up to 20 users (up to 4 fingers per user)
Firmware updates

All basic functions from the Local mode
It is still possible to open the door with a fingerprint scanner as before without Internet/WLAN
Remote opening via smartphone
Push notifications when the door is opened
Time slots (e.g. person X: Access Wednesday, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.)
✓ Administer up to 5 fingerprint scanners centrally in the app
Store fingers once and synchronize to other devices
Remote administration of authorizations
Access log over 7 days (activate/deactivate and delete)
Amazon Alexa connection
Smart home connectivity (HTTP(S) requests, APPMODULE, REST API)
Data backup of the device configuration
Remote support

Extensions in Plus mode

(subject to a charge)

+ Extendable to up to 100 users
+ Extendable to up to 20 fingerprint scanners

Where is the ekey dLine available?

Many well-known manufacturers of doors and door handles rely on the quality of ekey and install the ekey dLine fingerprint scanner into their own products at the factory.

Connection to the smart home

With a fingerprint scanner, intelligent building use starts as soon as you get home thanks to smart functions: Open the door and trigger various actions.

Technical details of the ekey dLine fingerprint scanner

Further information such as wiring diagrams and mounting instructions can be found in the Download center.

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