ekey uno bottom cap black

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The bottom cap is used to cover the underside of the ekey uno fingerprint scanner, wireless. It is made of durable plastic and has a black sealing ring, which protects the ekey uno against the ingress of dust and moisture from below.

  • Color: black
  • Material: plastic
  • Can be fixed with a safety screw

The bottom cap of the ekey uno fingerprint scanner, wireless

How is the bottom cap mounted on the ekey uno?

The bottom cap is plugged into the bottom side of the ekey uno fingerprint scanner, wireless, and is fixed by turning the metal bracket of the ekey uno. You can also fasten the bottom cap to the front of the ekey uno with a safety screw. 

Use of the bottom cap 

The bottom cap of the ekey uno can be used with both the battery- or mains-powered ekey uno fingerprint scanner, wireless. In the mains-powered variant, the bottom cap remains attached to the fingerprint scanner. In the case of the battery-powered variant, however, the bottom cap only serves as a temporary protection against moisture while the rechargeable battery is being charged.

Technical details
IP Code IP44
EAN code 9120068257190
Surface Kunststoff
Production component AP
Material Kunststoff ASA-PC
Width 43 mm
Length/Height 46,7 mm
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