Enjoy freedom

No more keys, your finger is always at hand. Open the door, close the door, and go!

Impossible to lock yourself out

Assign access authorizations via app and your finger becomes the key!

Smart functions

Thanks to simple app administration, the smart home starts when you get home.

Fingerprint scanner in the door

Add smart functions to your door with the ekey dLine fingerprint scanner, which can be integrated directly into the door leaf as well as into the door handle.

Fingerprint scanner next to the door

For keyless access to your home entrance or garage, rely on the smart ekey xLine fingerprint scanner for wall mounting.

Fingerprint scanner for the door station

Upgrade your door station from Gira, Siedle, DoorBird, or any other popular manufacturer with the ekey sLine fingerprint scanner.

Fingerprint scanner for retrofitting

Simply retrofit your door yourself with the ekey uno fingerprint scanner without any drilling, chiseling, or wiring.

The new fingerprint scanner generation

With the new fingerprint scanners from ekey, you can experience a new sense of convenience and enjoy more flexibility in your everyday life. You benefit from a digitized bunch of keys, your front door opens at the touch of a finger, and you can use smart functions:

  • keyless access
  • convenient remote opening
  • automatic push notifications
  • practical virtual assistant
  • and much more

Discover projects

ekey access control systems are used in many buildings – from single-family homes to companies and emergency organizations. Discover the most exciting projects and be inspired by the stories.

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