ekey Academy

Strengthening strengths is the key to success!

The modern fingerprint scanner systems from ekey offer a wide range of applications: They not only open the door or gate and stand for convenience and security, but are also an important part of the intelligent use of a building. We convey our know-how about the products and areas of application in a practical way using the training formats of the ekey Academy.

Because we consider it essential to strengthen strengths together and thus lay the key to success. Well-founded specialist knowledge of our state-of-the-art access solutions makes it easier for you to give advice on the one hand and creates happy customers on the other. The knowledge imparted also makes it easier to discover new potential and subsequently to open up additional segments for your company and its sales. So take advantage of the opportunities that the ekey Academy offers you for flexible further training tailored to your needs.

Training courses for the fittings industry

Online training videos, webinars or face-to-face events, there is something for everyone!

Training courses for the electrical trade

Choose between a webinar, face-to-face event or a variety of online training videos!