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The fingerprint scanner for flush-mounting and surface installation

ekey presents a fingerprint scanner system that makes access areas smart: the ekey xLine. Whether house entrance or garage, the building access has new functions and adapts to your individual needs. Experience a new sense of convenience! Not only do you open your front door safely and conveniently with your finger, but you also benefit from smart features that make everyday life easier. An access control system for your wishes for today, tomorrow and beyond.

Discover the advantages of the ekey xLine and experience new possibilities!

The ekey xLine fingerprint scanner for surface installation

Mount the ekey xLine fingerprint scanner directly on the wall surface for easy installation and more flexibility in the mounting location.

The ekey xLine fingerprint scanner for flush-mounted installation

With a flush-mounted installation of the ekey xLine fingerprint scanner, you benefit from even and space-saving installation in the wall.

The ekey xLine fingerprint scanner for switch ranges

Integrate the ekey xLine fingerprint scanner into standard switch ranges such as Gira or JUNG to create a consistent design.

The advantages of the ekey xLine fingerprint scanner

Simply open the door with your finger — without a key, smartphone, code, or card. Be it for running, cycling, inline skating or when the dog wants out: enjoy the freedom to head out as you please.

The advantages

  • Impossible to lock yourself out — your finger is always on hand!
  • The ekey fingerprint scanner learns with every use
  • Convenient access for the whole family
  • The growth of children’s fingers is automatically recognized
  • Dirt or minor injuries on the finger are not a problem
  • Simple and intuitive touch operation

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For its products, ekey guarantees the very highest standard of security against misuse and unauthorized access to the access control system. Only authorized persons can open the door with the ekey fingerprint scanner. The ekey fingerprint scanner is 1,000 times more secure than the 4-digit number code of an ATM card.

The advantages

  • Only authorized persons can open the door
  • 1,000 times more secure than a 4-digit number code
  • Maximum protection against forgery
  • No more misplaced, lost or stolen keys
  • No disclosure of access codes
  • End-to-end encryption

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Never again worry that your children, parents, or neighbors might lose a key. With an ekey fingerprint scanner, you no longer need to give your key to someone, because you simply authorize those people who need access to your home. Lost keys are a thing of the past.

The advantages

  • Unlock without a key, smartphone, code, or card
  • No more misplaced, lost or stolen keys
  • Only authorized persons can open the door
  • Impossible to lock yourself out — your finger is always on hand!

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With an ekey fingerprint scanner, you can conveniently unlock the door with your smartphone when you are out and about. This means you can open the door for your handyman even if you are still on your way home. Let in your friend at a moment’s notice to lend him the pressure washer — even if you are on vacation. Be sure you can let someone into the house if necessary.

The advantages

  • Unlocking on the go
  • More flexibility in your everyday life
  • No more tedious drives home to unlock your door
  • Everything under control with one app — even from a distance

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With an ekey fingerprint scanner, you can set different access authorizations for each person individually. For example, certain days and times can be defined on which your dog sitter or domestic staff can gain access. You define and administer all authorizations via the app and keep track of who has come and at what time.

The advantages

  • You determine who enters your home and when
  • Grant temporary access authorizations for service providers
  • Easy to enable and disable users via the app — even remotely

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No more uncertainty! You automatically receive a message on your smartphone as soon as the door has been opened with the fingerprint scanner. This is useful in many everyday situations, but especially with children. Thanks to the push notification, you can be sure that your child made it home safely from school.

The advantages

  • Notification on your smartphone — if you wish — when the door opens
  • Always well informed — even when out and about
  • Rest easy knowing that your loved ones have arrived home safely

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Receive a greeting when you get home! The ekey system in connection with the virtual assistant Amazon Alexa welcomes you into your own four walls. A unique feeling of convenience at the front door!

The advantages

  • ekey fingerprint scanner as the trigger for a Routine
  • Set up custom Routines in Amazon Alexa
  • The light in the entrance area switches on etc.
  • The latest headlines or a playlist are played etc.

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You are expecting a visit from friends, but you have your hands full at the moment. You do not have to rush to the door when the doorbell rings. A short “Alexa, open the door!” is enough and your guests can enter the house. To do this, simply connect the ekey fingerprint scanner to the Alexa virtual assistant from Amazon.

The advantages

  • Open the front door conveniently with a voice command
  • No need to rush to the door every time the bell rings
  • Be able to open the door when you’re busy or have your hands full
  • No need to open the door with dirty hands

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Anyone building or renovating a house is faced with many decisions. Often, not all wishes can be fulfilled immediately. This is not a problem for the ekey system, since functions and devices can be added at a later date. Users can be stored, temporarily disabled, or deleted.

The advantages

  • You do not have to determine the scope of your access control system in advance
  • Functions, users and devices can be added flexibly
  • You can control different functions with different fingers

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The scope of features

ekey dLine for the door, ekey xLine for flush-mounting installation and wall mounting, and ekey sLine for the door station can be easily combined together in the ekey bionyx system. Users, functions and devices can be added to the access control system at a later date.

The ekey bionyx app

The administration of the fingerprint scanner system is done with the ekey bionyx app. You can import new firmware updates via the app and thus always remain at the cutting edge of technology. As a result, you benefit from constant further developments and new features.

Future-proof system

The ekey bionyx system offers maximum flexibility: all fingerprint scanners are compatible with one another and are administrered centrally via the ekey bionyx app. By default, up to five fingerprint scanners (registration units) can be administered in one account.

The ekey xLine in detail

With the ekey xLine fingerprint scanner and the corresponding ekey DRM control unit it is not only the front door that can be opened with your finger.
The second relay can also be used, for example, to open the garage or to control the alarm system. With the ekey DRM control unit extension module, the relays and inputs of the DRM control unit can be extended even further. This allows additional relays to be controlled. The module is simply plugged into the control unit so no additional wiring is necessary. A control unit can be combined with a maximum of two extension modules.

Discover the possibilities for smart home connection now.

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