The ekey dLine fingerprint scanner makes aluminum doors from Reynaers smart

Published On: Monday, 4. March 2024

With the ekey dLine fingerprint scanner, Reynaers aluminum doors become intelligent and easy to control, no matter where you are. Whether you are at work or traveling, you can remotely grant access or unlock the door and check the access log just to be sure:

Why choose a door with a fingerprint scanner?

Imagine coming home tired after a long day at work. Instead of digging your key out of your pocket and unlocking your front door, simply place your finger on the fingerprint scanner - and the door opens. A door with an ekey dLine fingerprint scanner not only offers you a convenient means of access, but also numerous advantages:

  • Your finger as a key
  • Convenient remote opening
  • Automatic push notifications
  • Central app administration
  • And much more

Increase living comfort and security with ekey

With the integration of the ekey dLine fingerprint scanner, you can benefit from more than 20 years of expertise from Europe's No. 1 in fingerprint scanners and bring convenience, security and personalized building control into your home.

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