New ekey gateway and Local mode at Fensterbau Frontale 2024

Published On: Wednesday, 13. March 2024

At Fensterbau Frontale from March 19 to 22, 2024 in Nuremberg, ekey biometric systems will be presenting a concept for keyless, intelligent access for the whole house in Hall 4/204: This can be implemented with the new ekey gateway for opening via smartphone. The innovation fits seamlessly into the existing fingerprint scanner system world and complements it. Local mode is also a new, simplified operation mode without an Internet/WLAN connection for all access control systems.

The smartphone becomes an intelligent key

The new ekey gateway, which will be launched at the beginning of the second half of 2024, offers smart access via smartphone. This expands ekey's product range for the door industry. The entry solution for keyless access is installed invisibly in the door leaf directly by the door manufacturer. It is an additional, cheaper offer to ekey fingerprint scanners: For customers who do not want a biometric access solution, or who only want to afford a fingerprint scanner at a later date. The system can be retrofitted with an ekey fingerprint scanner next to the door at any time.

Optional access with smartphone or finger

The particular strength of ekey is that all products can be combined: For the door there is ekey gateway or the ekey dLine fingerprint scanner, for door stations the ekey sLine fingerprint scanner and for flush-mounting and surface installation the ekey xLine fingerprint scanner. "The finger is always there as a key and residents don't need anything else, which is ideal for children or older people without a smartphone - or when the battery is empty," explains ekey Managing Director Leopold Gallner, for whom the fingerprint scanner has become an indispensable part of the contemporary range of access control solutions.

"Our vision is keyless, intelligent access throughout the house. With our new ekey gateway, we are opening up additional door segments, such as side entrance doors. The advantage is that all our access control solutions, regardless of their design, are administered intuitively via the ekey bionyx app and users don't need any key, card or code."

Leopold Gallner, ekey Managing Director

Faster activation in Local mode

The ekey dLine is the ideal choice if you want to use a fingerprint scanner in the door leaf or handle. The new Local mode will be available at the end of the first half of 2024. This means that all basic functions are available in just a few steps via the ekey bionyx app, without an Internet/WLAN network. This makes activation of the fingerprint scanner system much easier during door installation on site. The app guides you intuitively through the process without an operating manual. You can upgrade to Plus mode at any time to expand the scope of features.

The Local mode

  • Intuitive administration with smartphone
  • Opening with fingerprint scanner or smartphone
  • Up to 20 users (up to 4 fingers per user)
  • Firmware updates
  • Different functions with different fingers (device-dependent)
  • Send invitations for access via smartphone

The Plus mode

  • Basic functions as in Local mode
  • Remote administration of authorizations
  • User and role administration
  • Data backup of the device configuration
  • Access log (activate/deactivate and delete)
  • Finger synchronization to other devices
  • Up to 5 fingerprint scanners in one system
  • Remote support
  • Time slots (e.g. person X: access Wednesday, 09:00 to 13:00)
  • Remote opening
  • Push notifications when the door is opened
  • Amazon Alexa connection
  • Smart home connectivity (HTTP(S) requests, APPMODULE, REST API)
  • System extensions (up to 20 fingerprint scanners or up to 100 users)

ekey at Fensterbau Frontale 2024 in Nuremberg: Hall 4, Stand 4-204.