ekey finger scanner integra

Discontinued in 2023

Discontinued product

Below you will find information about our ekey finger scanner integra, which was discontinued in 2023. Answers to frequently asked questions about this product can be found in our FAQ section.

Discover our new smart fingerprint scanner solutions:

Due to its low installation depth, the ekey finger scanner integra is the ideal solution for doors, door stations or mailboxes. The shapely, rectangular housing with a clear and modern design is available in stainless-steel gray, gold or white.

With the ekey mounting frame integra, the finger scanner can easily be surface-mounted next to the door. ekey has attached great importance on the design and fine workmanship of high-quality materials. On request, the mounting frame is also available with a fitting bell module. If necessary, the status of the alarm system can also be displayed via LED.

The ekey finger scanner itself is equipped with intelligent software that communicates with the control panel in encrypted form, detects changes in user habits and learns with each use.

ekey finger scanner integra Bluetooth

With the ekey finger scanner integra Bluetooth, ekey presents a combination device that combines the advantages of a classic finger scanner with the Bluetooth functionality of smartphones and tablets. The free ekey home app makes it easy to carry out all important configurations via smartphone.

The app for Android can be downloaded for free from Google Play: Google Play
The app for iOS can be downloaded for free from the App Store: App Store

Create the best connection!

The ekey home app is a program for controlling and administrating the Bluetooth model ekey home finger scanner integra Bluetooth . All functions of the ekey finger scanner access system can be set very easily via your smartphone or tablet.

With just a few clicks you can create new users or change/delete existing authorizations, store user fingers, add photos to user entries or update the finger scanner software. If necessary, your mobile device becomes a remote control and you can open the door and the garage door from a certain distance and also deactivate the alarm system. The typical wireless range is around 10 meters.

The pairing and encryption of the data packets between the finger scanner and the mobile device ensure maximum security. Thanks to the required and freely selectable 4- to 6-digit security code for the app, your mobile device does not become a key for unauthorized persons, even if it is stolen.

Simple, secure and convenient.

The Bluetooth function of the ekey finger scanner integra is only compatible with ekey home single-point access solutions!

User administration

  • Easy creation, activation and deletion of users
  • Control of finger storage via the app
  • Easy administration of up to 99 fingers
  • Administration of RFID cards (version 1.2.X)
  • Restriction of user rights (version 1.2.X)


  • Encryption of the data packets
  • 4- to 6-digit security code for the app
  • Increased security through 6-digit pairing code
  • Disablement of the Bluetooth function (Version 1.2.X)

Useful tools

  • Door opening using a password-protected app
  • Adjustable LED brightness on the finger scanner
  • Individual setting of the relay switching duration
  • Dual relay functionality
  • Reset system to default settings

Advantages of installing in the door

The combination device ekey home finger scanner integra Bluetooth has the same housing and milling dimensions as the proven, classic integra series and can be used with the three design elements in stainless-steel gray, white or gold. New: “flat” design element in grinded stainless steel for flush installation in the door or frame.

Milling for the control panel is no longer necessary: ​​With the micro control panel , ekey has succeeded in designing a control panel that is integrated into the cable. It is so small that it does not have to be milled into the door as part of the cable. A great advantage for door manufacturers and carpenters, who save one work step.

ekey sets colorful accents

An access solution following the same design is the ideal complement to an individually designed access area.

This is why the design elements for the ekey finger scanner integra are available in the color of your choice and complete your design concept in a sensible and stylish way.

Your creativity knows no limits.

From a purchase quantity of 10 pieces, you can choose from 213 colors* (RAL Classic) and give your access area a unique touch.

* Minor color deviations in RAL colors are production-related possible.