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Fingerprint scanners that open more than doors and gates

A fingerprint scanner provides maximum convenience

Do you want to get the most out of your smart home? This is very easy thanks to the fingerprint scanner!

While every person can operate switches, with a fingerprint scanner, individual settings can be made. In this way, smart events can easily be implemented in the house: With a fingerprint scanner, it is precisely defined who is allowed to control certain elements.

Groceries in hand, you come home. Simply place your finger on the fingerprint scanner and the door is unlocked, the light switches on, and the alarm system is disabled. From the ceiling speakers you also hear the news as desired. Relaxed, you can take off your shoes, arrive in your own four walls and enjoy the end of the day.

Not only coming home is smart – also during your absence your smart home takes care of the desired tasks! So when you leave the house, your robot vacuum cleaner is switched on in the house, and in the garden the robotic lawnmower as well as the automatic pool cleaner are turned on. You can also arm the alarm system in the entrance area conveniently using the fingerprint scanner.

You have picked up the children from school or kindergarten and the sun is beaming in the sky. That means: off to the garden. When you placed you finger on the fingerprint scanner the moment you got home, the robotic lawnmower was sent straight to the charging station and had finished its work. In this way, nothing stands in the way of carefree playing.

Are the children at home alone after school? No problem either: Thanks to the fingerprint scanner, the children can’t lose a key and can always come into the house – additionally, the house recognizes them based on their fingerprint and switches to a pre-defined childproof mode. Then the pool cover or the technical room remain locked, for example, or the washing machine and oven remain turned off.

You are not at home? Then it would be ideal if electricity and heating were reduced to a minimum. And that can be done with just the touch of a finger: When you leave, all the lights are switched off, the set temperature is reduced, and power guzzlers such as the TV or sources of danger like the oven are safely disconnected from the power supply. You no longer have to check each station individually or wonder whether everything is really switched off.

While you are on vacation, your smart home can simultaneously save energy and pretend presence – simply triggered via the fingerprint scanner. When the absence mode starts, blinds are automatically opened and closed and lights in different rooms are switched on and off again after a while. In addition, music is occasionally played over the loudspeakers. Vacation mode is automatically deactivated when you place your finger on the fingerprint scanner upon arriving home.

Numerous integration partners have been relying on the quality of ekey products for years. Because here the demands on security and technology are always the focus.

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