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Published On: Tuesday, 17. October 2023

Camping is more popular than ever before. More and more people are opting for mobile travel and individual vacations. But who doesn’t know this: you stand in front of the camper van and look for the key that has disappeared in the depths of your pocket. Fingerprint scanner access solutions from ekey can help here.

Smart access not just at home

Smart houses are on the rise – but why stop at your own four walls? The smart access control systems from ekey also offer numerous advantages for camping fans. Installed in the door of a camper van or trailer, camping fans benefit from comfort, flexibility and smart features thanks to the ekey dLine fingerprint scanner. HARTAL, manufacturer of lightweight components for the leisure industry, presented these for the first time at the Caravan Salon 2023 in Düsseldorf.

Fingerprint scanner as door opener for comfortable camping vacations

The advantages are obvious: no more annoying searching for the key, no one can lock themselves out, the whole family has access at any time – because the finger opens the door. Thanks to the fingerprint scanner, the mobile home is always locked and the everyday items and valuables stored in it are kept safe. Without having to remember to lock it every time you just need to go and do the washing up.

Flexibility thanks to keyless access control system

It’s also practical to go to the beach or on excursions, where the key could be lost or stolen, without a key. And if someone wants to return earlier, there is no need to think about how the limited access means will be divided among family members. Even children from six years of age can use the ekey fingerprint scanner intuitively and also growth or minor injuries or dirt on the finger are no problem.

Practical functions with fingerprint scanner and app at the campsite

The fingerprint scanne access control system is easily administered via the ekey bionyx app. All authorizations and settings can be viewed there at all times. This means that the door can be opened remotely at any time while on the move, the access log can be viewed or push notifications when the door is opened can be activated. These are particularly practical for parents: they can be sure that their little ones have arrived safely at the camper van or trailer after opening the door with the fingerprint scanner.

Stylish and secure access solution for camper vans and trailers

In addition to the practical functions, the design of the ekey dLine fingerprint scanner is also impressive: it fits flush and harmoniously into the door. The modern LED light ring around the sensor is not just for appearance, but also communicates with users through colors and signaling. Its brightness can be adjusted individually and the light can also be deactivated if desired. The use of the fingerprint scanner is already known from smartphones: by simply placing the finger on it, the door opens for those authorized. At the same time, the system is more secure than the four-digit code on an ATM card.

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