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Problems only arise if injuries are serious, such as if the finger has a deep cut or is severed. For this reason, we recommend enrolling at least two fingers to be on the safe side.

In rare cases, a person may have trouble enrolling their fingerprint. For security reasons, the system places high requirements on the quality of the enrollment to ensure high recognition rates and security. As enrollment only needs to be carried out once, you should be able to overcome this hurdle with patience and by ensuring that you place your finger in the same place on the finger swipe area. Your dealer will be happy to offer help and advice.

If you want to add a new user, his/her fingerprint must be enrolled (i.e., scanned and registered). 

Guarantee: The voluntary assurance from ekey for the functionality of devices and unconditional compensation within 24 months of purchase.

The ekey system – which features finger scanners of different makeups, corresponding software, and various control panels – has many possible combinations; however, these are not unlimited. Your specialist dealer will be happy to provide you with more information.

It is important to point out that anything can be destroyed with enough effort. However, ekey home finger scanners are very well protected thanks to the use of sophisticated materials (fiber-glass-reinforced casing). The solid stainless-steel cover with an exclusive design also offers additional protection.

ekey home can store up to 99 fingers. Fingers can be allocated however you want. Usually, 2 fingers are stored per person (a main finger and a reserve finger in case of injuries).

Yes, the control panel relay allows you to program a multitude of controls. For example, additional relays allow you to activate the function that requires the finger of a second person to gain access (2-person principle in pharmacies, safes, etc.). Your electrician will be happy to give you advice.

In principle, yes. But the door will not open.

ekey uses minutiae recognition that saves the finger's characteristic features as a binary number code and not a reconstructable fingerprint. Due to the price-performance ratio, this method is the best authentication process available. The technology is designated as an active system as the bearer uses this technology actively and deliberately, unlike face recognition which identifies the person without his/her knowledge.

The unique features of the finger (minutiae) are converted into a mathematical code and the finger scan is deleted. This prevents the fingerprint from being stolen or misused.

ekey develops hardware and software for both the affordable home applications and companies with several thousand employees. As Europe's top provider of fingerprint access solutions, we offer finger scanners as a replacement for conventional keys or as an uncrackable password with the ekey logon system. You can find more information about this in the PRODUCTS zone.

In principle, ekey finger scanners do not require any maintenance. Dirt on the line sensor can be cleaned carefully using a cotton cloth. The sensor surface is automatically cleaned by regular use.

Yes. All technical data and specifications are noted on the individual product sheets. The most recent software downloads, operating instructions, and information are available for download at

ekey access solutions, such as ekey home and ekey multi, are not connected to the Internet, which means that they cannot be hacked. Because they store binary code templates rather than fingerprints, ekey net solutions do not contain information that would be of interest to hackers.

In principle, no. ekey uses the Authentec RF sensor to scan the finger. Even if an expert makes a rubber, latex, or silicone finger of his/her own hand, it is extremely difficult to trick the sensor with the copy. This is down to two things: Firstly, the technology used (sensor) and, secondly, the swipe process. Without the owner of the finger's help, it is practically impossible to produce a fake finger of a high enough quality to trick the sensor with our software. Generally, intruders or fakers always take the path of least resistance. It is much easier to get your hands on a key, card, or password than to reproduce a fingerprint to a quality that will actually work.

The ekey Modul is a finger scanner for hardware and software developers who program interfaces and develop special purpose solutions with finger scanners. The ekey Modul recognizes the biometrics and processes the finger scan image. The ekey Modul can be switched off without data being lost.

The system has been proven to function reliably between -25°C and +75°C.

You can always find an overview of our current product range on our website.

ekey net can manage several thousand users depending on the computer power. Between 40 and 2,000 fingers can be stored depending on which ekey net terminal is being used. As a benchmark, 1.5 GHz, 512–4,000 users. Please note that the number of users is not the same as the number of fingers!

ekey home is a stand-alone solution. One finger scanner can be operated with one control panel. It can store up to 99 fingers. ekey multi is an extended stand-alone solution for up to 4 finger scanners that can be installed by electricians without network and PC knowledge and is a breeze to program. It is managed by the control panel multi that is mounted in the control cabinet and on the DIN rail and is as easy as pie to program thanks to the illuminated display. ekey multi is the ideal solution for homes, small business, and associations. ekey net is a comprehensive network solution for companies and organizations. Users and rights are managed centrally and used remotely (e.g., in branches) to provide access control and time recording for cash register systems, elevators, alarm systems, vaults, and much more. ekey net conveniently allows large companies to meet extensive security and access control requirements.


ekey home

Communication problem between finger scanner and control panel.
1. Check cables of terminals 1, 2, 3, and 4!
2. Insert the cables from terminals 3 and 4 directly into the 9-volt terminals.
3. Match the finger scanner and the control panel of the firmware.
4. Terminals 3 and 4 of the finger scanner must have 9 V! (Larger wire cross-section; own power supply)

99 fingers already registered. 
No more fingers can be registered.
Delete fingers as appropriate to enroll new ones.

30-minute block if the security code is entered incorrectly; leave the device plugged in for 30 minutes.
If the block does not disappear after 30 minutes, call Support.

Coupling error; this occurs if an error occurs when initializing the finger scanner and control panel.
Reset and reinstall the device.
The firmware may be different; if this is the case, the two devices must be updated to the same firmware.

In some cases (voltage drop when accessing the memory), the internal unit goes into nU mode (security precaution against tampering). In this case, the finger scanner and the control panel must be updated. 
- Send the devices to ekey
- Request an update kit and perform the update yourself

- Have fingers been stored? 
- Have fingers been assigned to the right relay? 
- Is the user number displayed when you swipe your finger? 
- Does the motorized lock work without ekey home? 
- Is it being used without potential or with switching voltage? (for ekey home integra) 
--> Correct jumpers
- Reset the motorized lock power; the motorized lock responds when it receives power again (most motorized locks beep)  
--> If polarity is incorrect (+ and - reversed)
- Is there voltage between terminals 1 and 2 for the X6 pin on the control panel (only if it is used with switching voltage)?  (for ekey home integra)
- With positive matching, is there voltage between terminals 2 and 3 (X6 pin) (only with switching voltage)? (ekey home integra)
- For ekey home integra, when using potential-free, switch the measuring device to continuity testing and measure between 1 and 3 (X6 pin) while swiping the finger. 
- For ekey home wall-mounted, also switch the measuring device to continuity testing and measure between C and NO while swiping the finger.

RED and no arrows: Module booting
Green LED flashing: Sensor defective
Orange LED flashing: Not coupled
2 green arrows and orange LED light up: Finger enrollment mode
2 green arrows and red light: Finger refused 
2 green arrows light up: Device online
2 green arrows and green LED light up: Finger enrollment OK
2 green arrows light up and the orange LED flashes rapidly, followed by a brief green LED flash: Finger swiped over the sensor and was positively matched

You can generally use mild surface cleaners and soft cloths that are available on the market to clean TOCA external units. 
Do NOT use scouring agents or scourers.

Please read our tips & tricks to find out how to use your ekey product as effectively as possible.


ekey net

Open the ekey CONVERTER LAN CONFIG Info program: When delivered, ekey net CV LAN have the IP address If your network uses a different IP address (different sub-network), you can search for the CV LAN using the "Manual selection" button or it appears because it is found using a MAC address broadcast. This can, however, be blocked by various routers or layer 3 switches. - The converter's IP address must be static (not a DHCP) – firewall/router does not allow broadcasts. --> Turn off firewall – firewall/router has no exceptions (ports 58000-58018 have not been entered). --> Turn off firewall or set exceptions – ports have been reserved by another program. --> Download a port scanner so that you can see which UDP ports are required by each program (e.g., TCPView from Sysinternal) - Use an MS-DOS prompt to test whether it is pingable - If the PC is in the same sub-network as the converter and is not pingable. --> Observe both LEDs on the converter --> If the two LEDs do not light up, there is a power problem --> If both LEDs flash orange -> firmware error --> Power LED on the left, activity LED on the right --> Reset the converter power. --> It may be necessary to reset the switch power too. - If the CV LAN still does not appear, try using the "Assign IP / reset converter" button to manually enter the MAC address to give the LAN converter a NEW or a DIFFERENT IP or try searching using "Manual selection...". - The option "Only for analysis" must not be checked in the ConverterLanConfig - If individual IP address (e.g., on a notebook) has been changed, the communication service must be restarted

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