ekey home app

Simple programming, management and operation.

The free ekey home app enables you to carry out all important configurations of the finger scanner as well as the entire administration easily via smartphone or tablet.


The intuitive menu navigation with the smartphone helps to get started quickly. All important configurations, such as creating, administrating and deleting users, assigning authorizations for defined accesses, changing relay times and much more can be done at any time by the owner (as administrator) himself.

Opening the door with the smartphone

In many situations, opening the door from the immediate vicinity is an advantage, e.g. when unloading the car, for people with disabilities, for doors with automatic opening systems or garage doors, etc. For these applications, the smartphone/tablet serves as a “door opener”: start the ekey home app, press the desired button and the door opens.

The administrator can also authorize other people to use their smartphone or tablet as “door openers”. For this purpose, the person receives a 6-digit code from the administrator, with which he or she can connect to the finger scanner via the ekey home app and open the door. The access authorization can be revoked at any time by the administrator by changing the user code.

Enable or disable users at the touch of a button

With the ekey home app, stored users, such as neighbours, can be given temporary access authorisation via fingerprint or RFID card* while they are away on holiday. After returning, the authorization can be deactivated immediately without deleting the users. This means that these user data remain ready for use for the next holiday.

Simple, safe and comfortable.


  • Door opening via App (Smartphone/Tablet)
  • Assign access authorization by means of a user code
  • Grant temporary access (e.g. in the absence of vacation)

Useful tools

  • Adjustable LED brightness on finger scanner
  • Individual setting of relay switching times
  • Resetting the system to factory settings

User administration

  • Simple creation, administration and deletion of users
  • Enable or disable users at the touch of a button
  • Assign authorizations for defined accesses
  • Control finger recording via the app
  • Easy management of up to 99 fingerprints
  • Management of up to 99 RFID cards*


  • Administrator and user level
  • 4 to 6-digit App security code
  • Increased safety through 6-digit coupling code
  • Change and management of security codes by administrator
  • Disabling the Bluetooth function of the finger scanner

The ekey home app is only compatible with the ekey home system – single access solutions!
The ekey home app is available free of charge for Apple iOS and Google Android.

* only with ekey finger scanner integra BT/RFID

ekey home App – very easy menu navigation:

The intuitive menu navigation with the smartphone helps to get started quickly.