ekey uno – retrofit solution for existing doors

The smart retrofit set for your door

With the ekey uno fingerprint, you can finally open your door smartly and conveniently with your finger – without having to drill, mortise or wire during installation. The installation of the fingerprint as well as the smart door lock actuators is child’s play and done in just a few minutes. The retrofit sets fit all standard doors and can be removed without leaving any residue. Therefore, they are ideally suited for your own home as well as rental property.

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ekey uno fingerprint scanner

Battery operated retrofitting set

ekey uno rechargeable fingerprint scanner, wireless:

  • Surface mounting
  • Recommended installation height: 110 cm
  • Up to 200 fingers or 20 users can be stored
  • Foolproof operation with free ekey uno app
  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor use

Smart Lock:

  • Suitable for all standard doors
  • Is mounted on the inside of the door
  • Not visible from outside
  • Opens the door for you
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Mains powered retrofit set

Are you currently building, renovating or refurbishing your house? Then supply your ekey uno fingerprint scanner with power directly via cable.

Advantages of a mains powered retrofit solution:

  • Continuous power supply of the fingerprint scanner
  • No charging of a battery necessary

How is the Nuki Smart Lock operated?

  • The Smart Lock is operated with batteries.
  • The batteries last approx. 6 months with normal use.
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Do you already own a Nuki Smart Lock or an
an eqiva BLUETOOTH® Smart door lock actuator?

Expand your existing smart lock now with the ekey uno fingerprint.
Simply choose between the mains-powered and battery-operated version.

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The free ekey uno app

With the new ekey uno fingerprint scanner, wireless in combination with a smart door lock actuator, ekey presents a product innovation. It combines the advantages of a classic fingerprint scanner with the BLE radio link functionality of modern smartphones and tablets. The free ekey uno app enables you to carry out all important configurations easily via your mobile device.

With a few clicks you can create new users or change/delete existing permissions, record user fingers, add photos to the user entries or update the fingerprint scanner software. You can download the ekey uno app free of charge for iOS and Android.

With the ekey uno app you have everything under control

  • Management via your mobile device
  • Store up to 200 fingers or 20 users
  • Allocation of access authorizations
  • Definition of personalized time slots

Further advantages of the ekey uno app

  • Simple initial commissioning
  • Fast user administration
  • Access log of the last 1,000 activities
  • Firmware updates can be imported via app

Good to know

  • The ekey uno app is free of charge
  • Available from iOS 11/ Android 7
  • The FAQ section of the app helps with questions
  • Can also be used on trays

Assembly and commissioning

The following four steps will take you to the simple and smart access solution for your home!

 Smart Lock

The smart door lock actuator is mounted on the inside of the door and is therefore not visible from the outside.

ekey uno fingerprint scanner

The optimal installation is at a height of approx. 110 cm on the outer wall.

ekey uno App

The ekey uno App is used for simple initial commissioning and ongoing administration of the fingerprint

Radio link (BLE)

The ekey uno fingerprint with radio sends an encrypted signal to the Smart door lock drive

Ready for the ekey uno?

The ekey uno offers you a secure and keyless access for your home. Your house will become a smart home in no time.
What are you waiting for? Discover now the world of ekey uno.

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