Product range expansion enables perfect integration of fingerprint scanners in door stations and switch frames

Published On: Wednesday, 31. January 2024

The year 2024 will see an expansion of the ekey range, providing even more options for the use of fingerprint scanners. Easily add a personalized access solution to your door station - with the innovative ekey sLine fingerprint scanner and custom-fit modules for many common manufacturers, such as 2N, Busch-Jaeger, DoorBird, Gira, Legrand or Siedle. Or ensure a uniform design line throughout the house with the ekey xLine fingerprint scanner and seamless integration into switch ranges from Gira, Jung and Co.

Seamlessly integrate ekey sLine fingerprint scanners into door stations such as 2N IP Verso, Busch-Welcome®, Gira System 106 or Siedle Vario

New modules and colors in the range enable the seamless integration of the ekey sLine fingerprint scanners into a variety of door stations such as 2N IP Verso, Busch-Welcome® from Busch-Jaeger, the Gira System 106 or Siedle Vario. The ekey sLine fingerprint scanner is also compatible with DoorBird and Legrand. This simply adds a personal access solution to the door station and creates an aesthetic surround. The fingerprint scanner therefore fits perfectly into the entrance area, and thus the calling card of the house.

Uniform design throughout the house with ekey xLine fingerprint scanners and switch ranges such as Gira TX_44, Jung LS 990 or LS ZERO

The new integration options in common switch ranges make an even more versatile installation for smart fingerprint scanners possible. With the appropriate frame adapters, the ekey xLine fingerprint scanner can be easily integrated into the Gira TX_44, Jung LS 990 and LS ZERO switch ranges and, thanks to the universal frame adapter, into the 55 series ranges of many other manufacturers. This allows a uniform design line to be created throughout the house. The functional and aesthetic fingerprint scanners blend harmoniously into the building as a whole.

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DoorBird door station with ekey sLine fingerprint scanner as a complete solution

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ekey dLine fingerprint scanners for door leaf and door handle

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