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Published On: Monday, 2. October 2023

Entrance areas with ekey fingerprint scanner not only enable keyless access - ekey dLine, sLine and xLine can do more than open doors and gates. In addition to integrated smart features – such as remote opening or push notifications – the connection to other smart home systems such as Philips Hue is also impressive. The interaction between ekey and Philips creates intelligent building and light control at the highest level.

What smart building control can do

While fingerprint scanner systems from ekey enrich the experience of coming home with additional amenities, the smart lamps from Philips Hue change the experience of light. Smart lighting systems are not only energy efficient and cost-saving, but also flexible in use. Philips Hue, for example, makes it possible to individually adjust the lighting and create different lighting scenarios depending on your needs. In combination with the ekey fingerprint scanner system, the interaction becomes even easier: you come home, it is already dark - and with just a simple tap of your finger, the door opens and the light comes on. Relaxed, you can take off your shoes, arrive in your own four walls and enjoy the end of the day.

Control individual light scenes with your fingerprint scanner

With a simple touch of the fingerprint scanner, the lighting in the room can be activated or deactivated without the need for a light switch. By using an ekey fingerprint scanner, smart home systems also recognize who triggers an action. In this way, buildings can be controlled and organized based on specific people. Different actions can also be controlled with different stored fingers. Depending on who activates the fingerprint scanner, the intelligent Philips Hue lamp, for example, is then controlled.

Advantages of ekey fingerprint scanner and Philips Hue

Both systems offer numerous options for greater comfort and security in your own home. While Philips Hue’s smart lighting solutions adapt to different moods and needs, ekey’s fingerprint scanner access solutions enable secure access to the home without a key, code, or card. The combination of both systems creates the highest level of comfort and security: with just one action, namely placing your finger on the fingerprint scanner, certain light scenes can be activated automatically or the light is automatically switched off when you leave the house.

This is how the two systems can be connected

In order to achieve perfect interaction between ekey fingerprint scanner and Philips Hue, the two systems must be connected to each other. This can be done in just a few steps. With the APPMODULE including ekey bionyx connect and the additional “HUE:Control” app, both systems can be integrated into the IoT and the world of KNX. The configuration and setup takes place in the web interface of the APPMODULE and the apps mentioned to control the devices. As soon as the two systems are connected, the Philips Hue lighting can be controlled via the ekey fingerprint scanner.

The perfect combination for more comfort and security in your own home

In conclusion, it can be said that the combination of smart lighting systems such as Philips Hue and an ekey fingerprint scanner access system is an ideal solution for greater comfort and security. The ability to customize light scenes and control them not just via an app or switch, but directly via a fingerprint scanner makes it particularly easy to create the perfect ambience. At the same time, the ekey system offers secure access to the house without the hassle of searching for keys or losing them. When used optimally, the living ambience can also be improved and energy can be saved. The integration of both systems enables an intelligent interaction of comfort and security in your own home.