Use the smart possibilities of ekey fingerprint scanners and IFTTT

Published On: Wednesday, 13. December 2023

Innovative living with ekey fingerprint scanners and "If This Then That" (IFTTT) to get more out of the smart home. This connection opens up additional possibilities that simplify everyday life. The classic advantages of fingerprint scanners as door openers are complemented by IFTTT's extensive portfolio with numerous practical functions.

Smart building control with your finger

ekey fingerprint scanners do not only enable keyless access - ekey dLine, sLine and xLine can do more than just open doors and gates. In addition to the smart features of the access solutions - such as remote opening or push notifications - the connection to smart home systems is also compelling. The fingerprint scanners as door openers not only offer maximum security, but also a high level of convenience. For unlike with conventional keys or codes, you don't have to memorize any number combinations or carry keys around with you. Instead, you simply place your finger on the fingerprint scanner's sensor and the door opens for authorized persons thanks to their individual fingerprint. The integration of ekey fingerprint scanners into IFTTT also opens up numerous other possibilities, such as automatically controlling lights or heating when entering the house.

Extending the front door with an ekey fingerprint scanner thanks to IFTTT

IFTTT is an abbreviation for "If This Then That" and describes a platform that makes it possible to link various online services with each other. In total, the range includes more than 700 IoT and web services, multiplying the application possibilities for ekey fingerprint scanners. IFTTT can be used to create trigger actions (if this) and reaction actions (then that). In combination with an ekey fingerprint scanner as a door opener, this offers numerous possibilities for easy integration of smart devices and services:

  • When entering the house, the smart lighting can be switched on automatically via the fingerprint scanner and the music can be started via Spotify or Amazon Alexa.
  • Or you can define a command sequence for the iRobot robot vacuum cleaner. For example, it starts working when you place your finger on the fingerprint scanner when you leave the house, indicating that no one is at home.
  • It is also possible for a notification to be sent automatically to your smartphone when an alarm is triggered.

Connecting ekey fingerprint scanners with IFTTT makes it easy to create customized applications. This makes life more convenient and secure.

How to connect ekey fingerprint scanners and IFTTT

The ekey fingerprint scanner system and IFTTT can be easily connected to use the additional functions. With the APPMODULE including ekey bionyx connect and the additional IFTTT Connect app, both systems can be integrated into the IoT and the world of KNX. Configuration and setup are carried out in the web interface of the APPMODULE and in the two apps for controlling the devices. Once the systems are connected, IFTTT services can be used in combination with ekey. Including a variety of messaging services (e.g. Android SMS, Gmail, etc.), which means you are always informed about any access via the fingerprint scanner.

Individualize your smart home and tailor it perfectly to your own needs

ekey for a front door with a fingerprint scanner therefore brings many additional advantages in conjunction with IFTTT. This opens up countless possibilities for making the smart home even more convenient. You decide whether certain lights are switched on automatically or the heating is turned up when you enter the house. The combination of both systems makes it possible to customize the smart home to your individual needs and always enjoy the highest level of convenience.