Make the door a smart

ekey dLine fingerprint scanner for door leaf and door handle

Enter a new age!
ekey presents a fingerprint scanner system that makes doors smart:
the ekey dLine. Your door gets new functions. And you link building access
with the smart home world. With the ekey dLine you offer your customers
a new sense of home! The comfort and safety of a fingerprint scanner system
combined with smart experiences. And you are prepared for future customer
requirements. The ekey dLine can be expanded to include devices, users and
functions – whenever the customer wants. Let’s enter a new age together!
The world of Alexa and others is waiting to be conquered.

“I wish I could let the handyman in while I'm at work.”

Remote opening

Never wait at home again just to let someone in. You can let someone in at any time in an emergency. Your customer can conveniently unlock the door with their smartphone – wherever they are.

“I wish I could have peace of mind that my child got home safely after school.”

Push notification

No more uncertainty! Your customer will automatically receive a message as soon as the door has been unlocked with the fingerprint scanner.

“I dream of a house that greets me, turns on the lights and raises the blinds when I walk in the door.”

Smart home

Open up a world of possibilities to your customers! The door becomes smart and is thus prepared to be connected to smart home services.

“I don’t want to have to take anything with me when I go jogging.”

Access without tools

Open the door conveniently with your finger – without a key, smartphone or other aids. Be it for running, cycling, inline skating or when the dog wants out: your customer has the freedom to head on out.

ekey dLine – your advantages

  • The door becomes smart
    Additional functions and access to the smart home world
  • Future-proof system
    Expandable at any time with new features and devices
  • The door design is in the foreground
    The fingerprint has the smallest possible construction, and design elements can be adapted to the door design
  • Uniform operating concept
    All new ekey products are managed via app
  • One fingerprint scanner and one control unit for all applications
    One design for door leaf and door handle
  • New sensor technology
    Touch operation in ekey quality
  • Remote diagnosis
    Predictive maintenance by logging into the customer’s system
  • Plug & play system
    The ekey dLine is ready to plug in

ekey dLine – the new app

The fingerprint scanner system from ekey is conveniently administered with the ekey bionyx app via a smartphone or tablet. This is where the authorizations and different roles for family, friends, and service providers are assigned. The access log shows the activity of the fingerprint scanner over the past 30 days.

The ekey bionyx app is also the trigger for smart functions: The door can be opened remotely — a practical everyday helper! With push notifications on the smartphone, users can choose to receive a notification that their loved ones have arrived safely at home. The connection to Alexa, the Amazon virtual assistant, provides additional convenience at the front door.

But ekey offers much more: It is not necessary to decide in advance what scope the access control system should have. Functions and devices can be added at a later date. With the ekey bionyx app, all connected devices, access areas, functions, and users are always in view and can be administered centrally.

The ekey dLine is more than a fingerprint scanner! It is an easily expandable system with
the highest security standard.
The future is smart: equip the door for a new age!

ekey bionyx app

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  • Intuitive administration with smartphone
  • Open with fingerprint scanner
  • Open with smartphone near the door
  • Firmware updates
  • Remote administration of authorizations
  • Data backup of the device configuration
  • Access log (enable/disable as well as delete)
  • Remote support
  • Number of users in the standard: 20
  • Expandable up to 100 users1
  • Number of relays in the door: 1
  • Remote opening/access2
  • Push notifications when the door is opened2
  • Amazon Alexa virtual assistant
  • Set up Amazon Alexa Routines
  • Finger synchronization
  • Up to 5 fingerprint scanners in one system
  • Smart home connectivity with HTTPS requests
  • Simple device exchange
  • Different functions with different fingers

Coming soon

  • ekey bionyx API
  • BAB TECHNOLOGIE APPMODULE with KNX functionality
  • Local mode
  • Time slots (e.g. person X: access Wednesday, 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.)

¹ subject to a charge
² now free of charge

ekey dLine – advantages for end customers

Unrivaled convenience
Impossible to lock yourself out, as your finger is always on hand!

Maximum security
– No lost or stolen keys!
– Maximum protection against forgery!
– Not possible for access right to be passed on (using a card or key, for example)!
– 1,000 times more secure than a 4-digit code

Easy installation and administration!

Intelligent software
The ekey software is learning all the time – it can detect the growth of children’s fingers as well as
minor injuries and changes to users’ habits.

New:smart home connectivity
Many customers want systems and devices to be connected in order to design the smart home
according to their needs.

New: smart functions
Features that make everyday life easier for customers and offer additional value for the door.

New: Flexibly expandable system
The ekey dLine can be expanded to include devices, users and functions at any time.
The customer no longer has to determine the scope of their access control system in advance.

ekey dLine – the system

1 ekey dLine fingerprint scanner + design element

2 ekey dLine fingerprint scanner control unit cable

3 ekey dLine control unit + mounting plate

4 ekey dLine control unit motorized lock cable

Optional component: only required if there is no cable supplied with the motorized lock.

5 ekey dLine cable transfer

Optional accessories:

6 ekey dLine control unit cable transfer cable

Optional component: only required if no ekey dLine cable transfer is used.

7 ekey power supply

ekey dLine – downloads

Wiring diagrams

Wiring diagram
Wiring diagrams sorted by motorized lock manufacturer

Mounting instructions

Door handle
Door leaf – solid material
Door leaf – hollow profile
Cable transfer

Safety information

Safety information

Technical data

dLine fingerprint scanner for door handle
dLine fingerprint scanner for door leaf
dLine control unit

Info sheet

Notes for fitters or electricians

dLine catalog

ekey bionyx app

Apple and the Apple logo are trademarks of Apple Inc. registered in the U.S. and other countries. Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC.