ekey, BAB TECHNOLOGIE and tedee cooperate for smart access solution with KNX

Published On: Tuesday, 18. June 2024

The three companies BAB TECHNOLOGIE, tedee and ekey have joined forces to take access to smart homes to a new level. With the modular gateway from BAB TECHNOLOGIE, the systems are connected to each other and to the global smart home standard KNX. This not only makes building access more secure, but also offers many opportunities to increase convenience and energy efficiency.

Three components in harmony

With the tedee Smart Lock transform any door into a modern access control system. The innovative lock can be easily adapted to existing door cylinders. This enables simple installation without additional conversion work. The integrated rechargeable battery means that no wiring is required at the door. The ekey bionyx system with the ekey xLine and ekey sLine Fingerprint product lines represents the next generation of biometric access control: advanced fingerprint technology is combined with exclusive design. Both systems can be controlled via the APPMODULE from BAB TECHNOLOGIE can be connected with each other. This gives you the option of locking and unlocking a door with your fingerprint.

These ekey fingerprint scanners are suitable for combination with BAB TECHNOLOGIE and tedee

Choose between the ekey xLine fingerprint for surface or flush-mounting installation on the wall or the ekey sLine fingerprint scanner, which can be integrated into a variety of common intercom models.

ekey xLine fingerprint scanner

Discover the ekey xLine for mounting next to the door and find the optimal solution for your house wall.

ekey sLine fingerprint scanner

Explore the integration options of the ekey sLine in many common door stations such as DoorBird, Gira or Siedle.

Fingerprint convenience thanks to integrated smart home scenes

By placing your finger on the fingerprint scanner or pressing the tedee door lock, entire scenes can be triggered in the building: To save energy, for example, the lights can be switched off and the heating turned down when you leave the house. When you come home, opening the door can also start the charging process for an electric vehicle and open the blinds, for example. Thanks to the APPMODULE with integrated KNX interface, all KNX components as well as other IoT products that are connected via it can be part of such a scene.

How the systems are connected

The ekey and tedee systems are connected via the APPMODULE. Configuration and setup are carried out in the web interface of the APPMODULE and the respective apps for controlling the devices. In this case, ekey bionyx connect and the tedee app, which guide you through the process step by step.

The ekey fingerprint scanner offers you these advantages

  • Never be locked out again
    Open your front door conveniently and securely without any tools, because with an ekey fingerprint scanner, your finger is the key - loss and theft are impossible.
  • For young and old
    Children as young as 6 years old can operate the fingerprint scanner. On request, there are automatic push notifications when the door is opened: so you can be sure that your child has come home safely!
  • More than just a door opener
    Start your smart home as soon as you get home: Deactivate your alarm system at the same time as opening the door using the fingerprint scanner or trigger individual scenes.

What the combination of fingerprint scanners, Smart Lock and APPMODULE is best suited for

Retrofitting an ekey xLine or ekey sLine fingerprint scanner in combination with tedee Smart Lock and APPMODULE from BAB TECHNOLOGIE is ideal for all main and side entrance doors as well as garage doors - especially if it is not a new build or a building is to be completely renovated.

You need:

  • Power supply in the outdoor area next to the door
  • Wiring of the control unit (protected indoor area such as distribution box) to the fingerprint scanner
  • ekey xLine or ekey sLine fingerprint scanners
  • tedee Smart Lock

Even if the main entrance is already equipped with a fingerprint scanners access solution, it may be worth retrofitting other access areas in order to enjoy the full benefits of keyless access. Up to five fingerprint scanners by default can be conveniently administered in one system via the ekey bionyx app.

Get the right ekey components here

In the ekey online shop, you can secure the right fingerprint access system for your home: ekey xLine Fingerprint for surface or flush-mounting installation on the wall or ekey sLine Fingerprint for integration into many common door stations such as DoorBird, Gira, Siedle and many more.