The scope of features

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Scope of features

Intuitive administration with smartphone

Opening with a fingerprint scanner

Up to 20 users (up to 4 fingers per user)

Firmware updates

Remote administration of authorizations

Administration of users and roles

Data backup of the device configuration

Access log
(activate/deactivate and delete)

Finger synchronization on additional devices

Up to 5 fingerprint scanners¹ (registration units) in one system

Remote support

Easy device replacement

Different functions with different fingers (depending on the device)

Time slots COMING SOON
(e.g. person X: access Wednesday, 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM)

Remote opening

Push notifications when the door is opened

Amazon Alexa connection

Smart home connectivity (HTTP(S) requests, APPMODULE, REST-API)


(subject to a charge)

+ Extendable up to 100 users

¹On request up to 20

In future, users will be able to choose between Local and Plus mode when operating the ekey bionyx system. No account needs to be created for Local mode and a connection to the WLAN is not necessary. All basic functions, such as opening with a fingerprint scanner or smartphone and app administration, are available. If you want to use additional functions such as remote opening or smart home connections, or if several devices are in use, you can switch to Plus mode.