Fingerprint scanner with Nuki Smart Lock for doors without motorized lock

How ekey fingerprint scanners can be used for all front doors

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Come home and open the door via fingerprint scanner, but it does not have the appropriate electrification? Then an ekey xLine or ekey sLine fingerprint scanner in combination with a Nuki Smart Lock is a good choice.

Smart Lock and fingerprint scanner: The simple alternative for keyless access for doors without a motorized lock

A fingerprint scanner only works on a door with a motorized lock? Not quite, the suitable alternative for keyless access for a front door without electrification can be the combination of Smart Lock and fingerprint scanner. This upgrade for the entrance can be easily implemented with the support of specialist personnel or, if the appropriate know-how is available, can even be implemented in a short time without a specialist.

Requirements for retrofitting an ekey xLine or ekey sLine fingerprint scanner with a Nuki Smart Lock

In the entrance, often there are already various voltage sources, such as switches, buttons, or door stations, so that the power supply can be ensured. This opens up possibilities for using an ekey xLine fingerprint scanner in a flush mount back box or with a matching wall-mounted housing. The ekey sLine fingerprint scanner, on the other hand, can be integrated into a wide range of common door stations, such as Gira, Siedle, or DoorBird. Smart Locks such as those from provider Nuki are also perfect for retrofitting, as they can be mounted on common cylinders such as the Europrofile.

What is thus needed:
– Outdoor power supply next to the door
– Wiring from control unit (protected indoor area such as distribution box) to fingerprint scanner
– ekey xLine or ekey sLine fingerprint scanner
– Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 Pro or Nuki Smart Lock with Nuki Bridge

ekey xLine & ekey sLine:
Mounting and wiring

This video tutorial shows you step by step how to mount and wire the ekey xLine and the ekey sLine fingerprint scanners. The ten-minute test mode as the last step before activation is also explained.

Set up fingerprint scanner and Nuki Smart Lock

Once the ekey access control system and the Smart Lock from Nuki are set up, nothing stands in the way of joint use. There are two different options for this.

Setup via HTTPS request

The first is a connection via HTTPS request: This can be created via the ekey bionyx app. For example, different functions can be stored for individual fingers, such as the right index finger for opening the door and the left for locking it. Detailed instructions can be found in the ekey developer wiki.


The second option is to connect the systems via the APPMODULE with ekey bionyx connect. The configuration and setup is done in the web interface of the APPMODULE and the respective apps for controlling the devices. In this case “ekey bionyx connect” as well as “Nuki Control”, which guide you step by step through the process.

The APPMODULE offers numerous additional features, such as the connection with KNX and other IoT devices. Depending on who activates the fingerprint scanner, the light, alarm system, heating, or blinds can be controlled. Because the fingerprint scanner stores exactly who is allowed to control certain elements, and the building can be organized based on specific individuals.

When to use fingerprint scanner and Smart Lock

Retrofitting an ekey fingerprint scanner in combination with a smart lock is ideal for both main and side entrances or garage doors if a house is not to be newly built or completely renovated. Even if a fingerprint scanner access solution has already been implemented at the main entrance, it may be worthwhile to retrofit other access areas to enjoy the full benefits of keyless access.