Legrand SFERA door station with ekey fingerprint scanner

Smart building access via bticino entrance panel

Proven door station with innovative access solution

SFERA door stations from Legrand are based on many years of experience and development. Thanks to flexible functionality according to individual requirements, integration of the ekey sLine fingerprint scanner is also possible.

The SFERA series from Legrand is characterized by its attractive design and associated aesthetics, high quality and comprehensive functionality. Its modular design makes it suitable for all types of buildings. This also means that the door station can be extended:

The ekey sLine from Europe’s No. 1 for fingerprint scanner access solutions supplements the bticino door station with practical keyless access to your own four walls. The fingerprint scanner door opener also impresses with its many additional functions and smart home connection.

Turn your finger into an intelligent key with ekey

✓ Simple operation

The ekey fingerprint scanner is particularly user-friendly because, thanks to the modern area sensor, placing your finger on it is already familiar from smartphones. The patented recognition algorithm reliably recognizes the stored fingers and the door only opens for authorized persons.

✓ Control your smart home

ekey offers five HTTP(S) requests by default for convenient smart home integration. In addition, further interfaces to smart home systems can be used via the additional APPMODULE. The ekey fingerprint scanner allows you to control your home easily and conveniently with your finger.

✓ Holistic access system

You can flexibly extend your ekey access control system to up to five fingerprint registration units at any time, for example to integrate garage doors, cellar doors or side entrance doors. The advantage: Once users and authorizations have been stored, they do not have to be transferred manually.

Smart living with an ekey sLine fingerprint scanner and a Legrand SFERA entrance panel

SFERA door stations from Legrand impress with proven functionality and robust aesthetics. The modular design allows you to adapt your door station to your individual requirements. In combination with the ekey sLine fingerprint scanner, a complete solution is created that combines door communication with secure, convenient and smart building access.

Here are the advantages in detail:

Simply open the door with your finger – without a key, smartphone, code or card. Be it for running, cycling, inline skating or when the dog wants out: Enjoy the freedom to head out as you please.

The advantages

  • Impossible to lock yourself out – your finger is always on hand!
  • The ekey fingerprint scanner learns with every use
  • Convenient access for the entire family
  • The growth of children’s fingers is automatically recognized
  • Dirt or minor injuries on the finger are not a problem
  • Simple and intuitive touch operation

ekey guarantees the highest standard of security for its products against misuse and unauthorized access to the access control system. With a fingerprint scanner, only authorized persons can open the door. The ekey fingerprint scanner is 1,000 times more secure than the 4-digit numeric code of an ATM card.

The advantages

  • Only authorized persons can open the door
  • 1,000 times more secure than a 4-digit numeric code
  • Maximum protection against counterfeiting
  • No more misplaced, forgotten, lost or stolen keys
  • Access codes are not passed on
  • End-to-end encryption

The combination of a SFERA door station with an ekey sLine fingerprint scanner offers extensive functions. This means the door station meets your needs exactly. And this applies not only to the  modular design, but also to the installation: Horizontal or vertical, the choice is yours!

The advantages

  • Camera with wide field of view and day/night function
  • Induction loop and voice output for accessibility
  • Only authorized persons can open the door
  • Simple touch operation thanks to modern sensor technology

Thanks to the combination of ekey sLine and bticino, buildings can be used intelligently. Smart functions are activated as soon as you arrive home. Thanks to an ekey fingerprint scanner, smart home systems recognize exactly who triggers an action and then control the corresponding elements on a person-specific basis.

The advantages

  • Connection to numerous manufacturers and systems, such as KNX or Somfy
  • Open the front door by voice command via the Amazon Alexa virtual assistant

With an ekey fingerprint scanner, you can define access authorizations for each person individually. For example, you can define specific days and times when your dog sitter or domestic help can be granted access. You define and administer all authorizations via the app and keep track of who has arrived at what time.

The advantages

  • You decide who enters your home and when
  • Assign time-limited access authorizations for service providers
  • Easy activation and deactivation of users via app – even remotely

Put an end to uncertainty! You automatically receive a message on your smartphone as soon as the door has been opened with the fingerprint scanner. This is practical in many everyday situations, but especially with children. Thanks to the push notification, you can be sure that your child has arrived home from school safely.

The advantages

  • If you wish, have a message sent to your smartphone when the door is opened
  • Always well informed – even when you’re on the go
  • Be reassured that your loved ones have arrived home safely

Receive a greeting when you get home! The ekey system in conjunction with the Amazon Alexa virtual assistant welcomes you into your own four walls. A unique feeling of convenience at the front door!

The advantages

  • An ekey fingerprint scanner as the trigger for a routine
  • Set up custom routines in Amazon Alexa
  • The light in the entrance area switches on etc.
  • The latest headlines or a playlist are played etc.

With an ekey fingerprint scanner, you can conveniently unlock the door with your smartphone even when you’re on the go. This means you can open the door for your handyman even if you are still on your way home. Let in your friend at a moment’s notice to lend him the pressure washer — even if you are on vacation. Be sure that you can let someone into the house if necessary.

The advantages

  • Unlock your door even when you’re on the go
  • More flexibility in your everyday life
  • No more tedious drives home to unlock your door
  • Everything under control with one app – even remotely

¹Coming soon

The technical highlights

SFERA entrance panel

  • Simple installation thanks to polarity-free 2-wire technology, therefore also suitable for retrofitting.
  • For all building types: robust and elegant-looking front plate, flexibly extendable, available in various colors.
  • Awarded the GGT seal of approval (Gesellschaft für Gerontotechnik – Society for Gerontotechnics) in both the audio and video categories.

ekey sLine fingerprint scanner set

  • The fingerprint scanner set already includes the ekey DRM control unit with two relays, which is installed in the secured indoor area. This makes the access control system tamper-proof.
  • The light ring of the fingerprint scanner communicates with the user via different colors and is a visual highlight.
  • The ekey access control system can be connected to almost any smart home system via an HTTP(S) request. The ekey system can also be connected to IoT and KNX using APPMODULE.

The modules of the SFERA door station

Audio door loudspeaker module Plus and Night & Day color camera module

Night & Day color camera module with wide-angle lens (135° horizontal/96° vertical) for connection to the audio door loudspeaker module Plus.

  • Automatic day/night switching and infrared filter: The automatic Night & Day function activates the mechanical IR filter in appropriate lighting conditions.
  • Audio door loudspeaker module: 4 Call buttons for creating audio and video systems using 2-wire technology.

SFERA info module: practical and informative

Special or general information can be displayed on the door station via the SFERA info module.

  • Individual information: The info module allows the integration of a legend for the call with keypad, the display of a house number or the announcement of opening hours of a doctor's office, etc.
  • Free positioning: The info module can be freely inserted within the door station after the audio or video loudspeaker modules.

The matching fingerprint scanner door station module from ekey

There is a suitable build-in module for the ekey sLine fingerprint scanner for the SFERA door station from Legrand. The fingerprint scanner is supplied with a control unit with two relays and is activated using the ekey bionyx app.

Smart keyless access solution

Der ekey sLine Fingerprint für Sfera ist in Weiß und Schwarz erhältlich. Integriert wird er durch die jeweiligen ekey-Module in den Ausführungen Allmetal, Allwhite, Allstreet und Robur. Zusätzlich gibt es auch ein komplettes Flex’ONE-Set mit einer SFERA-Videotürstation in Allmetal, der Video-Innenstelle Classe 300EOS with Netatmo und allen benötigten Systemgeräten.

  • Different fingers, multiple actions: The ekey DRM control unit offers two relays, so not only the front door can be opened with a finger. The second relay can also be used to open the garage or control the alarm system with another finger, for example. With the ekey control unit extension module DRM, the relays and inputs of the DRM control unit can even be extended, which means even more possibilities.
  • Store fingers only once: Once fingerprints have been stored, they work without any problems for other fingerprint scanners in the system; users and authorizations do not have to be transferred manually. The access control system can be conveniently administered via the ekey bionyx app – view the access log, assign or revoke authorizations and see all settings at a glance at any time.
  • Highest security standards: The false acceptance rate (FAR) describes the probability of the door being opened by an unauthorized person. With an FAR of 1 in 10 million, ekey’s security is higher than the industry average. In Austria – where all ekey products are manufactured – you are even more likely to win the top prize in the 6 out of 45 lottery. Because the probability of this is 1 in 8.15 million.

Smart home connection of an ekey fingerprint scanner and a Legrand SFERA door station

Would you like to integrate the ekey sLine fingerprint scanner and the SFERA door station from Legrand into your smart home system? With a fingerprint scanner, intelligent building use starts as soon as you get home thanks to smart functions: Open the door and trigger various actions. Here you can find out how a connection via the APPMODULE or via an HTTP(S) request works.

Connection via APPMODULE

The APPMODULE offers a connection variant with ekey bionyx connect. The APPMODULE makes it easy to connect the world of ekey with the IoT and KNX. Configuration and setup is carried out in the web interface of the APPMODULE and in the “ekey bionyx connect” app.

The ekey sLine fingerprint scanner can then be used to control not only doors, gates and alarm systems, but also lights, heating and blinds. And that depends on who activates the fingerprint scanner. This is because the fingerprint scanner allows to store exactly who is allowed to control certain elements and the building can be organized in relation to specific people.

Connection via HTTP(S) request

With an HTTP(S) request, the ekey access control system can be connected to almost any smart home system. HTTP(S) requests can be created in the ekey bionyx app and subsequently assigned to users or fingers.

For further information on HTTP(S) requests, ekey has set up a developer forum at developer.ekey.net.

SFERA LUNA door station with an ekey sLine fingerprint scanner

Slim design and high-quality workmanship: Unique, timeless and elegant design.

  • 10 mm solid aluminum
  • Available in all RAL colors
  • Customizable with engraved house number and/or name
  • Available with LED lighting
  • Simple installation
  • Mounting is prepared for the built-in fitting of an ekey sLine fingerprint scanner

Discover the ekey sLine fingerprint scanner for door stations from many well-known manufacturers now

Seamless integration of the ekey sLine fingerprint scanner is possible thanks to precisely fitting modules and colors into a wide range of door station models from numerous providers. The ekey sLine is precisely tailored to each of these, blending in with their modularity and adding a smart access solution to the camera and intercom system, for example.