ekey patented technology

Uncompromising safety is our goal.

Latest technology

ekey has developed its own very powerful algorithm for finger recognition. This is the ekey core technology, which is used in ekey standard solutions, embedded modules and numerous other applications. Extensive basic research in the field of image acquisition and processing is the guarantee for a sustainably secured technological lead. The algorithm developed by ekey can be used with a number of different sensors.

Minutiae-based algorithm

ekey uses minutiae recognition, in which characteristic features such as singular points, line endings, forks, etc. are converted into a unique binary numerical code. In order to ensure outstanding recognition, ekey has developed a number of additional procedures which are applied in the ekey algorithm.

Two components

One goal. Security around the clock.

The ekey algorithm is divided into two main components: the Feature Extractor and the Matcher.

1. Feature Extractor

Finger images captured by the sensor are blurred, have poor contrast and sometimes contain errors and noise. In the algorithm developed by ekey, extremely powerful measures are used to improve the image quality accordingly.

2. Matcher

The actual detection engine works very quickly and extremely reliably. Due to years of experience and extensive research in this field, the ekey algorithm stands for outstanding security with unique comfort. The core technology can be used for both small and large databases.