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ekey. dein finger. dein schlüssel

Cutting-edge technology…

Uncompromising security is our goal.


ekey has developed its own ultra-powerful finger-recognition algorithm. This technology is central to ekey and is used in its standard solutions, embedded modules, and countless other applications. It involves extensive research in the field of image recognition and processing, which guarantees sustainable technological advancements.

Minutiae-based algorithm

ekey uses minutiae recognition which converts characteristic features (such as singular points, line ends, forks in the lines, etc.) into unique binary number codes.


To ensure optimum recognition, ekey has developed a range of additional processes that are used in the ekey algorithm.


Two components

One goal. Security around the clock.


The ekey algorithm is split into two main components: The feature extractor and the matcher.


Feature extractor

Fingerprints recorded by a sensor are blurred, have poor contrast, and sometimes contain errors or distortions. The algorithm developed by ekey uses ultra-efficient measures to improve image quality accordingly. 



The actual recognition engine is extremely quick and reliable. Thanks to the many years of experience and extensive research in this field, the ekey algorithm is extremely secure and uniquely easy to use. The core technology can be used for databases of any size.


Sensor technology

The algorithm developed by ekey can be used with a range of different sensors. 

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