Tips and tricks

To our discontinued products!

Discontinued products!

Here you will find tips and tricks for our discontinued products. If you are looking for help on our new product generations (ekey xLine, ekey sline and ekey dLine), you will find it in our FAQ section.

The installation position and height

Mounting position: The correct position of the fingerprint scanner makes finger swiping much easier and thus improves finger recognition. The fingerprint scanner is equally easy to use for right- and left-handed people! It is important to stand freely in front of the fingerprint scanner. Displacement worsens the scan result.

Mounting height: Only at the correct mounting height is correct operation ergonomically possible.

The installation of the control unit

The control unit switches the relay and may therefore only be installed in protected indoor areas (protection against manipulation). However, it should be easily accessible for programming.

Finger swipe technique

Good finger swipe technique is crucial for optimal recognition. It is best to stretch out ALL fingers and place the finger to be scanned on the finger guide so that only the first phalanx is in contact. The joint of the first phalanx should be directly above the sensor.

The neighboring fingers are located to the left and right of the scanner. Under no circumstances should the finger be rolled over the fingertip during the swiping process. Draw your finger across the sensor with moderate pressure and even, medium speed: not too fast and not too slow. Wrong pressure leads to bad results.

Depending on the skin type, the pressure should be changed. Soft skin requires less pressure, dry skin more pressure. Test the best scan results for you. At the beginning the finger swiping requires some practice. One quickly learns how to operate it optimally.

ekey finger scanners – Correct operation

The sensor and the finger surface

The sensor is the narrow horizontal strip in the lower part of the finger guide. The anterior phalanx must be pulled completely over the sensor to achieve optimal results. The sensor must not be subjected to any mechanical stress other than finger operation.

Do not scratch the sensor with your fingernail. Never clean the sensor with the rough side of a sponge or aggressive cleaning agents. A damaged sensor must be replaced.

The Fingerscan

Experience shows that fingers are best suited in the following order: First middle finger, Second index finger, Third ring finger. The thumb and little finger should not be used. Every person has better and less suitable fingers. The writing hand is advantageous because you have more feeling in this hand (right-/left-handed). Please choose a clean finger without injuries or abrasions. The sensor cannot detect a groove structure that is too flat due to wear or genetic predisposition. Beautiful and well-visible groove structure facilitates recognition. In children, the index finger or the finger that the child intuitively uses himself works best. Use the fingers that are most comfortable to use and quickest to recognize.

Storing fingers

For comfortable ambidextrous operation and as a precautionary measure in case of injuries, one finger of both hands should be stored. In the case of fingers that are not as easy to scan as small children, elderly people or craftsmen may have, the same finger should be scanned in several memory locations. 99 finger storage locations are available with ekey home/ekey multi. Basically, it is better to scan one finger several times than several fingers once each. This increases the chance of detection and the system works better in borderline situations (dry fingers, skin cream or sweat after exercise) or if the system is not operated properly.

With the 1-relay variant, you simply use F1-F5 for the first finger and F6-F0 for the second finger at the same user memory location. This means that you have used up 5 reference scans each and thus a total of 10 memory locations.

Child’s fingers: In principle, children’s fingers function from about school age. However, under certain circumstances it is possible to store younger children using the multiple storage described above. The prerequisite for correct operation is the specified mounting height for IN, WM and OM. If the LED flashes red immediately without previously flashing yellow when the finger is drawn over the sensor, the finger was not drawn correctly over the sensor or the wait was too long. As soon as the finger is placed on the sensor, it must be pulled down immediately. The software interrupts the scanning process and signals this by a short, red flash of the LED.

Example Person 1:

  • Memory location 1, F3 for the left middle finger
  • Memory location 1, F8 for the right middle finger

For control units without multi-line display, a list of recorded fingers is useful.